Bride and Groom Swan

(If the title of this post looks familiar to you, you have my permission to stop reading now. It was my very first blog entry back in September. And somehow, probably because I was learning the ropes of blogging, it kinda got lost. Sort of. So I decided to re-post it. If you missed it the first time, keep reading. It has a happy ending. And I promise: no more reruns on this blog.)

We’re so fortunate to live on the water.  Early last year, this beauty began visiting:

And it wasn’t long before he/she brought along a friend.

I think the fact that I raced out to throw bread to them may have had something to do with them frequenting our place.

Since I’m not sure how you determine the gender of swans, I don’t know the relationship between these two. Girlfriend/boyfriend…..husband/wife…..siblings… friends?

Anyway, my friend, Bev, and I were busy planning her daughter’s wedding (which was to take place on our lawn), and Bev began referring to them as the “Bride and Groom” swans. And she began wishing that they would put in an appearance during the wedding reception (also on our lawn).

Since swans pretty much do as they please, we knew there was a VERY good chance they would not oblige her by showing up that day.

Guess what?

Whatever the relationship of the swans, they evidently love a happy ending!

14 responses to “Bride and Groom Swan

  1. Your bride and groom swans always cheer me up….living on the water opens up a whole different world!

  2. Still so beautiful every time I see those pictures of the swans.

  3. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    That was a blessing from our Lord for sure.

    How great is that.

  4. I remember that! The perfect ending to a perfect day!!

  5. Thanks for adding the link to the post Dianna! I missed that the other times. How sweet and I have to agree with Shirley’s comment. God is great!! Nothing is too small or trivial to ask!

  6. What an absolutely wonderful first story! How could you not tell it to the rest of us?

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  12. Lovely!

  13. I tracked back to find the beginning of your swan posts because I was really surprised to see a black and white swan together. I didn’t think that you had black swans in the USA as they are native to Australia. I thought that you only had the white ones in the northern hemisphere. Bride and Groom obviously don’t know or care that they are an unusual couple. How lovely.

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