Warning: very sad post ahead.

Last November, just before Thanksgiving, we had to say good-bye to our sweet kitty, Beezy.

Beezy was 16.  We met when she was 2;  I was visiting the animal shelter in search of  a kitty to adopt. The next day, Beezy adopted me.  It didn’t take long for us to realize that we were kitty-human soul mates. Could it be because she was born in Bacon’s Castle, the same small town that I lived in til I was 23?

And when I fell in love with Motor Man, Beezy fell in love with him too.

When Motor Man and I were out of town, Marshall took care of Beezy for us. She looked forward to his visits (and the treats he’d give her).

Over the years, Beezy helped me wrap Christmas presents,

kept me company while I worked at the computer (or kept me from working at the computer?),

Beezy accompanied us on road trips in our RV,

and, back at home, she occasionally enjoyed the glow of a cozy fire.

Beezy even endured the antics of her “cousin”, BJ, when she visited. No, BJ wasn’t potty trained. She was just full of energy, and this was, apparently, her day to explore the bathroom.

Our friends ask if we’ll adopt another kitty. We won’t say “never”, but we know there’ll never be another Beezy.

12 responses to “Beezy

  1. I wonder if kitties go over the same Rainbow Bridge as puppy dogs? Maybe she & Bow, Shelby, Cat the Dog, Larry Bird, Toke, Bogart, Lucas, Skeeter, Trudy, Sam and Jane are friends.

  2. I’m so glad you celebrated Beezy…he was such a great, laid back gentlemen. He was so patient with BJ who was a ball of energy and I’m sure worried him to death on her visits. I know how much you miss her…and, Susan, I’m sure all my wonderful kitties are waiting on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge to have a snuggle with me when I get there! Thank goodness, I still have my BJ and, Dianne, you know she’s ready whenever you need a kitty fix. No one could ever take Beez’ place.

  3. Wow, I never knew you lost your baby at 15 too. He was a very cute and lovable looking kitty. My Benny was 15 when he left us October 31, 2009. It took me 6 months before I knew I had to have another cat. They are good for what ails you!!

  4. I miss the Beez…

  5. We miss our big ole black kitty too. Buckwheat was the best. There wasn’t a person he didn’t like…even if they didn’t like him. You need another kitty Diane and your right there will never be another Beezy but there are lots of kitties that need good homes and that you have!

  6. No Dianne, you do not need another kitty. Do you hear me!!!! I miss Beezy too except he would go running as soon as I entered the front door.

  7. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Chuck and I miss our Peel. We got him when he was just a small kitty when we lived in Roanoke in 1976. He was a cat that knew what he wanted and when he wanted. He slept on the foot our bed where ever he wanted. We would make run around him. The Lord did not let us keep him long he died in 1978 front a bladder infection, but am glad he was in our lives.

  8. oh, thanks for letting me go back to ‘meet’ your sweet beezy…

  9. Beezy was the sweetest bestest kitty in your bit of country.
    Country Cat was the sweetest bestest kitty in our bit of country. Country Cat’s real name was “Z”. Just Z.

    I hope they met.

  10. What a gorgeous cat, look at all that fur! I’m glad she “took” to Motor Man. 🙂

  11. Beezy was a beautiful furbabe. I know she’s a beautiful angel. I’m so sad for your loss. (((hugs)))
    After our last cat passed on, we swore we’d never have another and then Babycat adopted us and we happily welcomed her in our home and have never regretted… even when she had 5 kittens shortly thereafter. They were a fun lot, but thankfully our vet adopted them out for us. 😉
    I figure Beezy is looking down from heaven and smiling at Sundae for adopting you and keeping you and MM entertained and loved, (((hugs))

    The week before Thanksgiving this year our precious Princess (dog) passed-on. Life isn’t the same without her. We miss her terribly.
    We say we’ll never have another dog and I seriously doubt we ever do, but we might. Our loss is too soon to tell right now. 😦

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