Last Dairy


You may recall that in previous posts I mentioned growing up across the highway from a dairy barn. This dairy barn.

As a young girl, I spent quite a bit of time on this side of the highway. It was an interesting place with lots of activity.

Recently, the owners stopped operations here, the last remaining dairy in the county. They still have a few cows, waiting to be sold.  I visited last week to take  some pictures. And Marshall went with me to see where his mom hung out when she was a little girl.

Actually, Marshall had visited the dairy years ago on a field trip during Vacation Bible School. He was probably two or three years old. That’s when he discovered that milk comes from cows. And he hasn’t drunk a drop of milk since then.  True story.

Back to our visit last week. The cows were once brought into this part of the barn to be milked. This was where I spent the majority of my dairy barn time. And included for your viewing pleasure, the south end of a north-bound cow.

Hey, who gave you permission to take a picture of my south end?

It was feeding time for some of the newly weaned calves. Can you guess which direction the guy was coming from that had their feed?

Chow time.

And why is this one glaring at me? It wasn’t her south end in the picture.

The bovine sisterhood.

6 responses to “Last Dairy

  1. It won’t be quite the same without the dairy…but I do hope they keep the barn…it just wouldn’t be the same if they tore it down or let it deteriorate and fall down.
    Got to watch those cows, Dianne…they tend to stick togethr!

  2. Interesting post.

  3. so sad that the dairy is going away…
    do they have and old milk bottles laying around or selling? if so, i’m jealous!!

  4. Lisabeth Nadine Olson

    Hey, I just last night got another dairy cow. A Brown Swiss with a small amount of Jersey. Like the provious owner said, she isn’t beautiful to some but to me she is, and will give LOTS of REAL RICH cream with her milk. She is 4 1/2 and has had 3 calves. She is the second I have bought from this dairy in Silveton, Oregon.
    I like Holsteins, they are very peaceful girls with mind of their own and get along with most others just fine, but I have to have cream….. I make butter and cheese to sell and it is harder with Holstein milk.

  5. Had a great time going along for the research on this post .. I remembered learning about milk’s origins, but I didn’t remember the inside of the barn. Will definitely look at it differently whenever I pass it now. That stretch of Rt. 10 just wouldn’t be the same without it…

  6. Marshall, for heaven’s sake. Where did you think milk came from, trees?! You’re as silly as your Mom!!!!!
    So sad the Dairy is going away. I too hope they barn isn’t torn down or deteriorates. Dianna, you should buy it and make it into your ‘studio’ LOL. Better investment than sunglasses or stamps (I’m reading your blogs backwards!)

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