Smile Photo – Marshall And Mom


Does your family have reunions?

Annual family reunions have been a part of my life ever since I can remember. These pictures were taken at our family reunion in 1983.

This was the year that Marshall was three.  I guess we were having  a little photography lesson here.  Look at him in his cute little “dirt digger” outfit. This was during his “I love any type of road equipment” phase.

Before you scroll down to this next photo, let me just say that I really don’t remember what was going on when this was taken.  It obviously was a fun moment between mom and son that another family member caught on film.

 And let me also say that it isn’t that hairstyle of mine that’s the reason this picture makes me smile. Every time.

No, that hairstyle isn’t anything to smile about.

8 responses to “Smile Photo – Marshall And Mom

  1. Hey, you were right in style with that “do” at that time. My boys looked as if they have “afros” with all that long curly hair they had!! Glad that went out of style for me…or maybe they just grew up!

  2. Have no idea why I wrote “for me” in that last sentence since I NEVER had curly or long hair! LOL!

  3. Love pictures of us and our kids. Brings back almost forgotten memories. Real sweet pictures.

  4. Awww! Pictures are precious. That Marshall was a sweet baby and is to this day. Love the hairstyle.

  5. Good times, good times! .. but don’t forget my socks; they were pretty cool, too !

  6. Ha ha! Love it! LOVE his little knee socks too!

  7. What wonderful memories!

  8. Soooo precious- I love the socks!

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