Waterfront Dining


Monday evening I was on the phone with my friend Bev, when I realized it was time for the sunset. Since my cordless phone wouldn’t transmit that far, I told her I’d have to call her back. (Can’t miss a sunset around here.)

My buddy, Groom Swan, doesn’t like to miss a sunset either.

He also doesn’t like to miss a chance to eat, so, of course, I had some bread with me. And that meant we had seagulls for company. I hadn’t brought THAT much bread, so Groom Swan had to be on his game to eat as quickly as I tossed it to him.

Whew! This was a close one.

It certainly doesn’t take long for word of free food to get around in the seagull world.

Groom Swan and I had good team work, so the gulls had to look elsewhere for food.  Finally the last one flew off into the sunset,

leaving Groom Swan to enjoy the sunset – and his dinner – in peace.

17 responses to “Waterfront Dining

  1. Sunset and black swan. Oh my! Beautiful.

  2. Some “people” know how to live!! What a life!

  3. Oh, how lucky you are to have such beautiful scenery! I’ve always thought swans are somewhat magical.

  4. Wonderful pictures! Just breathtaking.

  5. WOW~ that was absolutely gorgeous! Thanks for sharing your sunset with us.

  6. Love the story and all your shots. If everyone could see sunsets like this, the world would be a much happier place I bet!

    • You’re probably right. I haven’t mastered videos yet, but would love to share the calm and quiet of the sunsets – unless of course, the seagulls are there!

  7. Another great sunset! And I’m glad Groom was able to grab a bite; those seagulls tend to take over when they show up ..

  8. poor little scrappy seagulls! mr. groom swan gets EVERYTHING! 🙂

    you have the most beautiful views. sorry, friend bev. you just have to wait.

  9. You and Groom Swan live in a beautiful corner of the world!

  10. Thanks for sharing, I truly enjoy it and we miss our daily trips across the water. See you at the track this weekend, they dont know I’m coming.

  11. So beautiful .. so peaceful and, I’ve come to love Groom Swan 🙂

    Cheers! MJ

  12. I’m beginning to realize you can’t NOT take a beautiful sunset/sunrise shots…Groom Swan makes it even more tranquil.
    Sorry, double negatives…bad habit 🙂

  13. What a wonderful series of photos, which I so enjoyed! Thanks.

  14. Beautiful pix, as always. The swan adds a nice touch to the photos. My husband took birdseed out while I was away this week, and one morning he had a female mallard following him around. He loved having the interaction with her.

  15. Beak floss

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