Little Girl In BIG Trouble


It’s Thursday! Time for Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop!  The prompt I chose to write about today was:   “a time you got in BIG trouble as a kid”.

If ever there was a shy, timid child, it was me. I never wanted to do anything that would result in being reprimanded or punished and never wanted attention brought to myself.  

But, one time as a child, I really did get in big trouble.

The pastor (or “preacher”, as we always called him) of our church during my childhood years was a very gentle, kind man who was loved by the entire congregation.  Carol, his daughter, was around my age.  Since Carol and I were the only girls in the neighborhood, she and I played together quite a bit.

One day when we were playing, Carol did something that really made me mad.   Although I can’t recall the details, I remember that I was very upset.  So, to get back at her, I did the unthinkable.

I let the air out of her bicycle tires.

My mother found out; I can’t remember how.  (I seem to have erased a lot of this from memory.) When she did, she seemed certain that this sole act would deny me access to the gates of heaven. And I think she was worried that she might be in danger too. After all, she was responsible for this child that had suddenly veered off the straight-and-narrow.

My mom’s chosen method of punishment was always a scolding. And this was probably the worst one ever directed at me. She could not BELIEVE that I had let the air out of someone’s tires, ESPECIALLY  the preacher’s daughter!  I can still remember her horror.  I don’t think the preacher and his family were too bothered by it; I seem to recall them assuring us that it wasn’t a big deal.

But to my mom, it was. Looking back, it saddens me to know that I disappointed her by committing this childish (albeit mean-spirited) prank.

And I’ve never let the air out of anyone’s tires again. Ever.

Mama’s Losin’ It


31 responses to “Little Girl In BIG Trouble

  1. Well, I know Mama’s reassured that you’ve repented and not let the air out of any more tires!!!
    If that’s the only thing you’ve done that bothered you, you’re doing pretty good.
    Rose and I did lots of things just as bad or worse. But then there were two of us to think of all those “keep out of heaven” actions!!

  2. As a child you may have let the air out of your friend’s tires, but as I see it now, you put “the wind in the sails” for your readers with your stories.

  3. Oh my! I was shy too (unless I knew you well) but I’m quite sure I did way worse than let the air out of someone’s tires. I just usually didn’t get caught!

  4. Great story, written well. You were a devil weren’t you. HA!

  5. Oh no! Not the PREACHER’S KID!!! I’m sure it seemed so horrible at the time. Thanks for posting your picture with this piece – I can totally imagine the look on your face during the scolding.

    found you through Mama Kat’s

  6. Yes, I’m sure Eddie and Johnnie helped you along a lot. If they’d been there, Johnnie probably would have taken the tire off the bike and hidden it….not just let the air out!!

  7. I can’t say that I ever remember hearing about that one! When I saw the title of today’s post, the first thing I thought about were black walnuts. I can’t remember if you’ve told that tale on here before, but it was the first image that came to mind!

  8. I almost wrote about the black walnuts, Marshall! But I did touch on that story in a previous post (about the old shed). So I thought I’d write about the ONLY other time I got in trouble….! 😉

  9. what a great memory to share (altho i’m sure it was terrible at the time). i was always a good kid too and only got in trouble a few times when i was old enough to drive and stay out too late. what a sweet photo of you…

  10. Ha ha! Of all people…the preacher’s kid! I can only imagine your mom’s horror at the time!

  11. Well, at least your learned your lesson.

    Stopped by from Mama Kat’s.

  12. Wow, you were a terror, weren’t you? LOL

  13. I got a chuckle out of this story, and that sweet little girl in the picture wouldn’t do anything naughtly, would she?

  14. You must have been REALLY upset at the preacher’s kid to take the time and find the way to deflate those bike tires — pretty risky! How wonderful that you learned your lesson, but I’m guessing that girl must have really needed that “deflation”.

  15. That’s just funny…Now. 🙂

  16. I think this is such a cute story! I wrote to this prompt too. I didn’t write about when I got in trouble in church, but there was a time that I wore big red wax lips during a service in order to distract the pastor. My mom didn’t realize it until it was almost over. She looked over at me because she couldn’t figure out why the pastor kept staring at me.

  17. I loved this story … why? Because we’ve all been that little girl, the one so upset with her friend that she just had to DO something about it.

    And the preacher’s daughter? if it’s any consolation, I can see myself doing the same thing!

    Cheers .. MJ

  18. Great story!

    Me and a friend of mine once fried an egg on the street just to see if we could. Turns out you can. We were going to toss it in garbage, I mean no way we were eating it. Then we saw *J coming and he wanted it. He stole my bike the week before. After he ate it I made sure he knew where we cooked it. The look on his face, priceless. The reaction my dad had…not so much.

  19. what a great story. the preacher’s kid no less. was there a future sermon devoted to thou shall not let the air out of bike tires? 🙂

  20. A co-worker caught me reading your post just a minute ago… she walked by and saw me smiling at the computer and wanted to know what was so amusing. Thanks for the afternoon smiles! We enjoyed the story. I can’t believe that was one of the ONLY times you got in trouble 🙂 Lucky You!

  21. The preacher’s “kid” when I was growing up would probably STEAL “your’ bike. He was a real terror!!
    You were a much nicer child than I was….I was in a lot more trouble than just twice!

  22. Adorable picture of you, Dianna! You made me giggle…thank you for that. Sounds to me like you were a pretty great child that turned out to be a pretty great adult.

  23. I hung out with a preacher’s kid too. One Sunday, her dad decided to reprimand us right from the pulpit since we were sitting in the balcony talking during the service. “Would you two girls up in the balcony stop talking and start listening?” We were the only two kids up there by ourselves. I never sat up there again!

  24. Sometimes we do things that we end up regretting but it only tells us that we’re humans and can make mistakes because of our emotions. I was kind of a brat at one point when I was a kid until I realized that I’m actually hurting somebody’s feelings with my funny but hurtful pranks. That realization changed me at an early age. Now everybody thinks I’m the best son ever aside from being the only son anyway. You are not alone. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful post.

  25. I’m reminded of my childhood memories after reading this! Wonderful story telling as if I was with you while you’re doing the deed. lol. I’m writing on mama kat’s prompts too and I can’t paste her badge on wall (I’ll try again). But anyway, I enjoyed reading your’s. 🙂

  26. haha, wow, I’m so sorry you got in so much trouble. It didn’t seem all that bad to me especially considering that you “let” the air out of her tires. When I first read it I’d assumed that you slashed her tires…maybe I’m the evil one 😉

    Thanks for commenting on my Mama Kat post 🙂

  27. Susan Burt Smelser

    At least you didn’t shoot them with a BB gun while she was riding it. Was that Carol Appel?

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