Sunday Stroll

One of my blogging friends posed the question this week: which season of the year is your favorite?

I think, for some of us, it would be impossible to answer that question. There’s obviously beauty in every season.  So today, I thought I’d take you on a stroll to see the “beauty of spring” that’s blooming in our yard right now.

What’s not to love about this blue salvia? The color is so pretty, it’s a perennial, and the best part (for me anyway) is that the deer and rabbits don’t eat it.

My friend, Bev, and I went plant shopping recently and saw this citrus-colored purslane, which is similar to portulaca (one of my favorites). I like the look of plants on little wooden stools, like this one, in my flowerbeds.

 Several years ago, for my birthday, my friend, Doris, gave me a red Gerbera daisy in this little chair planter. The chair and flowerpot have gotten more rustic-looking with time. I think those purple flowers are referred to as “million bells”.  Maybe this year I’ll have better luck with those than I’ve had in the past.

Several years ago, I bought this plant in the middle of summer, when Motor Man and I were in Maryland for a boat race. It called out to me because it looked so pitiful. Evidently it’s a perennial petunia, which I didn’t know existed. It returns every year, and is the perfect plant: takes the hot, dry weather of summer and the animals don’t bother it. The plant behind it with the tall spiked flowers is guara, or “whirling butterflies”; another perfect plant.

And finally, I always have hanging baskets of ivy-leafed geraniums on the front porch.

If my luck holds out, all these plants should bloom through the summer. So far this spring, we’ve had just the right amount of rainfall. I’m hoping that will continue, because as much as I love having pretty plants, I don’t care for pulling garden hoses.

What spring beauties are in your yard?


10 responses to “Sunday Stroll

  1. I so wish I had a garden to get my hands dirty!!
    But I do enjoy seeing pictures of your beauty. And our maintenance people planted rose bushes recently to replace some bushes that had died. They’re the type that bloom all summer. I’m enjoying those. And the multi-colored day-lilies around the buildiing.

  2. beautiful landscape gardens….and i see water in the background of one photo so all the stunning sunset pictures must be taken right from your home.
    i live on a river….we get gorgeous sunrises, but only in winter!!
    spring is my absolute favorite time of year. with all the flowering trees, tulips, daffodils, lilac’s……the bounty is endless & the temperatures fabulous. have a wonderful day!! xo

  3. wow! you’ve got a green thumb – especially those that keep coming back year after year!

    the only flowering plants i have in my yard that i planted are some trumpet vines and lantana. otherwise, it’s whatever mother nature brings…

  4. Looks like Spring is in full swing around there! As you know, the Larkspur are some of my favorites: white, purple, and blue together .. great combo!! That’s a great Memorial Day-style pic for number 1!

  5. I love your flowers as well as your darling little bench. Like you, I love finding little stools and things to place my plants on. The purslane is new to me and so pretty. I didn’t know there was a perennial petunia. Lovely!

  6. You are surrounded by beautiful colors. Lovely post. We have a lot of white…azaleas two mos. ago, bridal wreath, narcissus, calladiums and then a pop of red with the amaryllis. With all our shade the crepe myrtle blooms late in August.

  7. Your flowers are lovely — I looked at your pictures this morning and was inspired to get outside and work my own flowers into the garden. I got good and muddy — tomorrow I’ll be good and achy — but it’s so worth it when they are blooming.

  8. I loved your Sunday stroll. You do have a way with flowers. Always beautiful.

  9. Your flowers are so pretty and I love the containers you have for them. Presently I have Stella d’Oro daylilies putting on a show, purple coneflowers beginning to bloom, and orange June lilies. I have two little plant “nurseries”where I’ve started oriental poppies and foxglove from saved seed. Wish me luck with them.

  10. I saw a “whirling butterflies” plant for the first time this year, and brought one home. I’m glad to hear it’s doing well for you. You asked about my lobelia awhile back, and yesterday I saw lobelia “mounding annuals” at Lowe’s. The one I had stood erect, 3 feet tall, with red flowers. (and I don’t see any sign of it yet). I found the tag that came with it Lobelia hybrid ‘Queen Victoria.’ It says it does well at water’s edge. 🙂

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