Potomac Eagle

Sometimes I think Motor Man and I must have “hobo” blood flowing through our veins. We love to ride trains. We, do, however purchase tickets, rather than “hopping a freight”.  Since last summer, we’ve been on four steam trains rides in Pennsylvania, Maryland and West Virginia.

A couple of weeks ago we drove to Romney, West Virginia to ride on the Potomac Eagle, which is powered by a diesel locomotive.

It’s a three hour trip along the Southern Branch of the Potomac River.

The scenery included farmland.

This beautiful old stone house.

Several old barns.

And, of course, the river.

This was the view from our window. We spent most of the ride in the club car, but for about a half hour, went out in the open “gondola” car to get better photos of the scenery.

The day was overcast, and on our drive home, we noticed the clouds were below the mountaintops.  I took this from my seat through Motor Man’s window. It’s amazing I didn’t get  any signs, vehicles, or power lines in the picture. 

When we were back in Virginia, we stopped at one of the scenic overlooks in the Blue Ridge Mountains, where a sweet stranger offered to take a picture of us.

Just two hobos, right off the rails.

18 responses to “Potomac Eagle

  1. You covered some lovely countryside. The old stone house looks wonderful.

  2. I’ve heard of people LIVING on cruise ships but maybe if you look online you can find a steam train to LIVE on!! LOL!! Y’all have a very minor addiction. Love the picture of the two of you.

  3. What an adventure! I enjoyed all the pictures – especially the one of the stone house and the one taken through the window! And the one of the hobos! We have taken the dinner train located in Bardstown, Kentucky. It’s about a three hour trip – with a wonderful meal included!

  4. that’s really neat. lovely territory!

  5. Loved the clouds below the mountaintops. What a great trip.

  6. You’re right. The picture of the valley, clouds, and mountains without any signs, power lines, etc. is special.

  7. The little flowing “brooks” are always good, but the ‘mountains in the mist’ definitely steal the show; and no signs or lines! Hard to do …!

  8. What a beautiful adventure for you and Motor Man. I also love riding on trains – it’s an excitement you just don’t get from cars or an airplane. Love the scene in the last photo and the adorable stone house!

  9. You are the cutest hobos I’ve ever seen. The stone house is wonderful. Great catch of those clouds too.

  10. When my husband and I lived in Europe we travelled by train a lot! One of the most relaxing things ever! My WOW moment was seeing miles and miles of tulip fields and windmills as we travelled from paris to amsterdam. There’s a train ride in NH that I’m dying to take at the peak of foliage here ~ I think this is a lovely, adventurous addiction! And you got some great shots!

  11. If you guys are “hobo’s” then you’ve got to be just about the cutest pair of hobo’s ever! A fantastic thing to do together. Been on trips myself – Indiana out to Idaho on Amtrak twice. One of those times with my boy when he was 8yrs old – that was super fun with a child that age. Some would say it’s a glorified bus (Amtrak) but if a person can put up with all the stopping for freighters I think it’s an excellent way to see our awesome country!
    p.s. good work not getting any power lines…that’s no small feat! Thanks for sharing your trip – totally enjoyed it!

  12. wonderful adventure….i love trains.

    i love the last photo best….i ALWAYS offer to take pictures of cute couples…..so yeah!!! i would have done that!!!!

  13. We love steam trains, too! Our last ride was on 611 (my hubby’s favorite), when our daughter was a teen. She was in the rest room when the train went through a tunnel. We still laugh about that experience.

  14. Beautiful views!! Nice of the stranger to offer to take your picture; you look very happy.

  15. You covered some beautiful country!

  16. Those are gorgeous pictures! Rainman and I have said that one day we would like to take the kids on a train ride….yours looks like a good one to start with! Thanks for sharing.

  17. You got some beautiful photos on your train ride. I love barns, but I think my favorite would be the mist in the mountains. And I love the shot of the hobos…lol…you are a cute couple. Love your haircut!

  18. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    What a wonderful trip. Love the picture of you and Motor Man.

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