The Town Of Junior

Although my husband’s CB handle (back in the day) was Motor Man, and I refer to him by that name here on my blog, most everyone knows him as “Junior”.

So imagine our my delight when, on our trip last weekend, we accidentally discovered the tiny town of……………Junior, West Virginia.

Yes, folks, Junior is “a little touch of heaven”; says so right here on the sign.

Junior has a fire department.

Junior has a Town Hall and a Community Center.

Junior has a post office: zip code 26275.

Uh-oh, Junior also has a bar.

 Junior’s Quick Stop  and Snack Bar, however, is a thing of the past.

Although MY Junior isn’t an auto repairman, since we didn’t see an engine building business, this was perhaps the most appropriate sign of all:

Junior:  a little touch of heaven.  I’ll second that.

30 responses to “The Town Of Junior

  1. Aww … what a sweet post just for MM 🙂 MJ

  2. Cute post!! We always thought Junior was special and now we KNOW it!!! LOL!

  3. Aw what good fun. I love this. Must be a great place to share such a peach of a namesake! 😉

  4. Sweetest post EVER! You just can’t go wrong with a name like Junior…

  5. How fun…..I love that you had your Junior stand under “his” sign in the town. A snowy day in Junior with your own personal Junior – doesn’t get better than that!


  6. I think it has a nice ring to it; I know he must prefer it to “Bubba.” Now imagine a town named Bubba; no, just wouldn’t happen. Great pictures of his small town.

  7. Very sweet Dianna! Funny too : ) Motor Man, ummm Junior, is very lucky to have a town named after him!

  8. Oh Dianna, if you are ever in Missouri we have a town named after Marshall. Yep, Marshall, Missouri and it’s not very far from us 🙂

    • Thanks, Pix! We also have a Marshall, Virginia – AND a Marshall, North Carolina. Motor Man and I have been to both, but Marshall wasn’t with us to have pictures taken with “his” sign. Maybe one day, we’ll make it to Marshall, Missouri!

  9. I always knew JR would make it in the big time. Now we know! Great post.

  10. This is so sweet!!

  11. He’s a very, very good sport to pose for you like this! And you came to the perfect conclusion!!

  12. I love the quirky welcome signs to small towns. They get so much more creative with their slogans than big cities!

  13. How sweet is that?!
    I just love those quaint, real life, town signs. If that one had the population indicated on it I missed it; I always thought it was interesting to know how many people lived in the town I was passing through.
    Great tour though town – Thanks!

  14. Now let me hear JR make fun of WV!! Great pictures and a great story. See JR….WV is very special. It produced me and named a town after you.

  15. What fun! I miss those signs as one enters a town/city. I think I’ve seen some in NoVa, Warrenton, maybe? I’ve never been to Junior, or even heard of it.

  16. In order to make up for my sarcastic remark at dinner last night (I won’t mention it here) 😉 I’d like to point out that not only is the town of Junior a “little touch of heaven”, but according to the third picture, they also have a “Veryfine” drink machine …. don’t see those too often !! A double meaning here ??!!

  17. I’m with TexWisGirl: cute!

  18. So sweet!! I remember CB handles; mine was Chicken Little. 😉

  19. oooohhhh junior looks very happy!! i like the name motor man better 😉

  20. Aw, I love how this all comes together at the end 🙂 And I love reading these kinds of posts…small town America rocks. Love Junior (as in the city’s) slogan. Too cute!

  21. The Post Office makes it official! Which makes me sad for the small towns losing theirs and a piece of their identity by default. I am so glad you found this little haven while it still has theirs.

  22. Well, this is a first…first time I’ve heard of a town named Junior! Motor Man is quite a special guy to have a town named after him. 😀 I love small towns! I know of the town, Marshall, MO, that Pix mentioned. My son just happened to pitch a no-hitter to a Marshall team way back when. Forgive my bragging, I just happened to think of it!

  23. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Great blog!

  24. I still picture ‘J.R.’ at South Fork

  25. …and there is a Susanville in California. Probably similar to Amityville

  26. I am so glad that you enjoyed our town of Junior, WV. It is a small little town that the people are very close (a lot of us are family). My moved here in 1997 and met my husband who is a local firefighter. We love the “smallness” about this town. We welcome anyone to come see it and learn the history of the town. For those of you interested, here is a link online to the article written about the history of our little peace of heaven.
    Hope you will get to come back and see us soon!

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