Barn Charm…With Sheep

This picture was taken last October when Motor Man, Marshall and I took a fall foliage trip to the mountains.  It seems that many of our mountain trips take us to West Virginia, and this was no exception.

This is such a pastoral scene, and I love the curved path.  The sheep were a nice addition, since we don’t have many sheep in our area.

I’m sorry that I don’t remember exactly where these barns were located, just that it was near Green Bank, West Va.

Linking up to Tricia’s Barn Charm Tuesday.

27 responses to “Barn Charm…With Sheep

  1. those are some big barns…love the added extra of the sheep!

  2. Love the busy little sheep….and the fall foliage as well as the big old barns!


  3. Looks like the original barn had an after-thought extension!

  4. You have the eye…the path leading to the sheep, to the barn, the other one in back and then to the right the beautiful foliage. And then…I noticed the high grass in the foreground. Thank you. This is lovely.

  5. Very pastoral indeed! so peacful and lots of charm! Great shot!

  6. Beautiful. I miss my sheep! Boo hoo. 🙂

  7. a beautiful scene. love the barns with cupolas on them!

  8. This is a beautiful and peaceful looking farm scene! Love the barns, sheep and the color in the trees.

  9. I always wanted to live in a barn. No really! They make beautiful homes out of some of the barns in PA!

    • I have seen some of those homes… gorgeous!! I love the homes in PA. If I could move back, I would in a second!

      I love that you are doing these barn charm posts… I keep saying this, but one day, I’ll have to send you some photos of some neat old barns down here in Alabama! I need to start driving with my camera because whenever I see a barn, I don’t ever have my camera with me.

  10. Gorgeous shot for Barn Charm Dianna.

  11. Ohhh I love that curved path, too, & that barn is awesome… love the washed out paint.
    I appreciate you including a nearby town when posting barns on Barn Charm, so don’t worry about getting it exact. It’s always good to know where these beauties are located! LoL!

    Thanks you very much for joining Barn Charm =)))

  12. I love that you got the wide shot to show the whole scene! The fall colors and the sheep and it’s just wonderful!

  13. Dianna if you see me in your stats, yes I have been to your blog 4011 times today to see how to do Barn Charm! Please excuse 🙂

  14. This was a fun trip… & I do remember where these are (well, Google Earth did..) If you take rt. 66 (Cass Rd.) east from Cass you’ll see these on the left about 5 miles from town… and the Green Bank radio telescope is a straight shot back from these, about 2 miles .. mixing the old and new ! 😉

  15. Great picture – love the shape of that barn.

  16. A couple of lovely barns and the whole scene is wonderful.

  17. Beautiful photo of a relaxing setting in the countryside.
    Very Nice,

  18. I really like that it has sheep in the photo…always think a little bit of life improves the image. Not that I have very many with something alive…but I would if I could.

    Mine is at Time Stand Still

  19. Your barn charm is pretty. For some reason it reminds Ireland. Must be the sheep. 🙂 Cool!

  20. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Such a peaceful picture. It makes you want to be there in person. Great shot.

  21. So serene and peaceful — you find some amazing places. More calender subjects 😉

  22. Don’t you wonder about the folks that lived there? Maybe the family that built those barns. Oh the stories those walls can tell. I love the inspiration.

  23. Seeing the color in those mountains reminds me of driving my mom there to visit a friend several years ago.

  24. Sheep just make the picture more peaceful some how 🙂

  25. Beautiful scene, barn and sheep. And yes, I, also loved the curved line of the drive.

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