Our Friends From The Marsh

You may recall earlier posts about the deer family (a mama and two little ones) living in the marsh near our house.  They usually emerge at dusk, when it’s really difficult to get good pictures.

But one day last month, they were out a little earlier than usual, and I was ready with the camera.

They definitely knew I was there. And they were on high alert.

Grazing. At least, at this particular moment anyway, he’s eating grass and not my pansies.

Sweetness. On high alert.

The family.  I took this from an upstairs window. The mother deer is crippled, but we’ve been seeing her for two or three years; so far, she’s managed to survive with her handicap.

Looking back to see if I was still there.

Back to the marsh. And home.

22 responses to “Our Friends From The Marsh

  1. These are great pictures. How lovely to see them, you must have been very quiet not to scare them away.

  2. Oh deer…these pictures are so good.

  3. A lovely deer family – snacking on your nice green grass. Just beautiful.


  4. I love that they trust you enough to come out … somehow, Mama deer knows you won’t betray her.


  5. Good pictures Dianna. Kind of breaks my heart about the injured mother but it looks as though they have found safety there close to you. We had a deer that obviously had been hit by a car, lots of road rash and an injury below the knee. It went on to heal up fine but we haven’t see it for a bit. It is deer season here now and we aren’t seeing them. Can hardly wait for the season to be over so I can get out and walk safely again. Second picture is my favorite!

  6. Rick and Daughter #1 play a game when they ride at twilight through the back roads…siting deer. They are very good at it and I’m always amazed when they call out “deer” yet I have to scrutinize where they are to find them (the deer). These walked right onto your lawn.

  7. Aww, I love watching deer – they are amazing animals! That’s amazing the mother is handicap and still chugging along – I can’t imagine it has been easy for her. Great shots!

  8. Beautiful photos. We looked for them in your yard Monday night but couldn’t see them. I guess the Mama deer was the one that streaked past us for the Poker Run.

  9. Lovely. We have deer here. We know we do, but we rarely see them. I’d love to catch some great pictures like this though.

  10. So glad they have a safe home away from the hunters AND traffic!

  11. so sweet. God bless that doe. 🙂

  12. Such nice shots ~ I’m always amazed at the beautiful soft brown coloring when I see deer. And the background here is also full of such pretty, muted colors! Love these!

  13. These are all great pics, but I just love the one “looking back”!

  14. Great pictures!! Almost every day when I walk there are deer grazing in the pasture. They’re used to me and usually don’t go very far; I even talk to them. 😉 I know there are people who “road hunt” because they pass the house slowly, knowing that these deer might be close to the road. I just hope they don’t shoot while the deer are in the yard!

  15. What a sweet family. Mama knows she’s safe in our neighborhood. You got some great shots. I love that little pine tree behind the fence!

  16. They are so gentle, gracious and beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

    Happy Thanksgiving, Dianna!

  17. It looks like they’ve adapted to living this way .. And they have a safe place to do it in .. Another awesome series!! Wild Kingdom, once again !!

  18. Our adult fox was on the wall yesterday morning in broad daylight, but by the time I grabbed my camera he’d gone. Great pix.

  19. I’d say they feel pretty safe at your place no matter the time of day or if they have you for an audience. 🙂 I too like the one of her looking over her shoulder at you. Sweet.
    Happy Thanksgiving all!

  20. Lovely pic’s Dianna. I especially like the one of Mama looking back at you.

  21. So pretty. I think she knows she has a friend in you.

  22. Nature at its best … simply breathtaking. You were very blessed
    to have been able to see them so close and inrestricted.

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