Williamsburg Barn Charm

Occasionally, , Motor Man and I will take a Sunday afternoon drive to Williamsburg, so I can do a little shopping at a wonderful antique mall there.

It’s located in a rural area, on the outskirts of the city. And just before you reach the mall, there’s a barn.

And there are sheep.  I think I’ve mentioned before that sheep are rather unusual in our area. These appear to be very inquisitive; perhaps they don’t have their picture taken often.

Motor Man really looks out for me.  We’ve been to this antique mall many, many times. But I’d never thought of taking a picture of the barn until he suggested it last week when we were driving by it.

Guess he’s tuned into Barn Charm too!


23 responses to “Williamsburg Barn Charm

  1. Nice old barn…..and sheep – they just look like they’d be so cuddily don’t they? 🙂

    Pam and Sam

  2. You can always find a barn!! Surprised you hadn’t thought to take a picture before now…guess you were concentrating on the antiques!

  3. Love the story behind the picture.

  4. What is about sheep and cotton that did not exist in that part of the state when we were growing up?? I love both of them and glad that they are there now. The pic of the two sheep staring at you is hilarious! And you already know this but Motor Man is a wonderful hubby:)

  5. That barn’s withstood lots of weather…can’t ‘manufacture’ that weathered look – and I just love it! The colors in that last picture a so pretty as well.

  6. a great barn and those sheep are adorable…i would love to check out the antique shop in williamsburg…wish it was closer to us!

  7. Way to go, Motor Man!
    Dianna your photos are great. That’s a cool old barn. The sheep are charming critters. It’s interesting about the sheep because it’s the same way here in the mid-south. We’ve seen several old farms that used to hold cattle that now have sheep instead. It would appear that sheep are getting back in demand.

  8. Motor Man is a good guy! Gotta love those husbands that support our blogging and picture taking 🙂 Charming little old red barn with the tin roof and the rusted out panel. Lots of textures and angles and I love those little out-buildings! Sheep are just the right touch!!

  9. love the long, low, sloping roof! nice!

  10. Ohhh how cool, your husband is joining in on the Barn Charm fun, too! heheheee Love it & love the barn!

    Thanks so much for joining this week’s Barn Charm =)

  11. How charming is MM? Quite, I think.
    And those sheep are ready for their close-up!!

  12. Sounds like MMan is developing an eye for barns … It’s great how these old barns fit in perfect with their surroundings; you can tell they’ve ‘been together’ for a long time .. !

  13. You’re so lucky to live near Williamsburg. I love it there. Sounds like MM is getting a trained eye too! Nice photos. 🙂

  14. Yes, the barn does look like it’s been around for a long time; so many little side sheds built onto it. But it looks like it has been taken care of. I enjoy seeing your barn photos.

  15. It’s fantastic to see your countryside …. many thanks for sharing.

  16. Nice barn in a lovely setting! Motor man sounds like my hubs…he is always pointing out photo ops! LOL

  17. I need to participate in this link-up…love barn charm! And I love that Motor Man is always on the lookout for your blog 🙂

  18. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Nice job Motor Man! Pictures are great.

  19. Love the barns you find. Good eye!

  20. Your Motor Man is looking out for you, that’s a neat old barn! I think it’s great when the hubby’s take an interest in our blogging!!

  21. Dianna, my hubby and his sister have planned a “barn expedition” for me while we are here in Missouri! Hoping to have lots of barns, possibly for a small exhibition later! I am trying to figure out where in Williamsburg this barn is…we are so close and I go there fairly often. Love the touch with the sheep! And I love the shape of the barns. It is always interesting how barns evolve!

  22. You have Motor Man trained well!

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