Daring Barn Charm

I’m not sure who took these pictures. They just “appeared” on my camera chip.

Surely, I wouldn’t be foolish enough to drive down a long lane to photograph an old barn. Even if the barn were visible from the highway and the gate left open….

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28 responses to “Daring Barn Charm

  1. Well that old barn has some “issues” that’s for sure….but it has character! That country lane beckoned and you followed…..it was MEANT to be!


  2. I laughed out loud…just “appeared” on your camera chip? You wouldn’t dare??? I wouldn’t, but my hubby would…love this, and enjoyed the photo!

  3. Dianna I just love your Barn Charm photos – they take me back to being a wild little prairie girl, riding my pony and galloping past barns of old. 😉 MJ

  4. LOL! I rather think of “trespassing” as a side affect of being a blogger. 😉
    It’s a wonderful, old barn!

  5. I’m pretty sure this pretty ol gal loved the surprise visit!!

  6. As much as I love the mountains, I do miss and love the flat lands and the fields of Southeast Virginia! Also you don’t hear the term lane much anymore, but I love the dirt pathways with the grass strip growing in the middle. Brings back fond memories. Thanks for sharing and uh…trespassing:)

  7. haha…the things one does for the love of barn charm.

  8. That’s pretty funny: “appeared” and “…and the gate left open”. 🙂
    When I see barns like that, and there are far too many these days, I want to round up a recon team to salvage it all! Oh the stuff you could do with the weathered wood and rusted roof metal…..

  9. You had me going at first with all that “appeared on my camera chip” business, until I “got it” when you started talking about the lane – – –

    I’m glad you trespassed.

  10. lol I love finding surprise photos on my camera card. It usually happens when our grandson is visiting. 😉
    I’m betting that you didn’t go by yourself down to such an isolated place to take the photo, but I’m glad someone did go because that’s a honey of a barn charm. One can just imagine the years of use that went on in the drooping and sagging roof and walls. 🙂

  11. definitely not YOU! lol. Beautiful!

  12. Well…whoever (wink) took those photos, did a great job-love it!

  13. I suppose an “Oh, I’m sorry, I guess we made a wrong turn!” wouldn’t work here, if one were caught on this long lane. Surely they would understand that bloggers need to see such an interesting and charming old barn!

  14. LOL!!! (i see nothing!)

  15. Love it…’appeared’…thanks for sharing the ‘mysterious apparition’ 😉

  16. … & I wouldn’t dare say that it seems like I was there with that person.. … maybe not ?? Who knows ?? Another great one in the barn series – I sometimes think these distressed sites can have more character and more ‘to say’ than the ones that are kept up perfect..!

  17. I can see why “someone” would be drawn to that charmer 🙂

  18. This kinda reminds me of the time Marshall ‘sweet-talked’ his way out of the fact we “sort of” lifted that chain and, should I say it??! Accidentally trespassed. Our family has no shame-LOL!!!

  19. Your anonymous photographer was very good. I love old crumbling barns don’t you?

  20. I would, that is if nobody was there! I would never steal anything from someone’s property, but I just don’t want to have to ask someone’s permission to photograph their barn… I don’t want to know what they think of a stranger wanting to take pics of their property! LoL! Some people just don’t like that… which I can’t blame them w/ all the stupid, idiotic things going on in the world these days! =)

    Not much protection from the elements out there in that field all alone, but she’s a beauty!

    Thanks for joining this week’s Barn Charm =)

  21. I guess the nice fairy from the east took the photos…..this was such a fun post to read…and I enjoyed seeing the old barn. genie

  22. I sure am glad the picture just appeared on your camera and that you shared it with us! I love traveling the country roads and finding great old barns like that.
    Thanks for stopping by mine.

  23. Well, the gate was open and someone had to check on the old girl’s welfare! She probably hadn’t seen anyone for weeks. Beautiful old gal!

  24. Hellooooooooo! I finally got an intersweb connection this morning! I am pretty sure Sundae snuck?(spelling) out and snapped that picture. I could just see her doing a purposeful little kitty trot down that path and snapping that barn. Signing out before I get cut off. Again.

  25. It’s amazing the things some of us will do for a blog post!

  26. …an open gate means welcome to me! You should have gotten closer 🙂

  27. Lovely shots.

    Regards and best wishes

  28. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Just charming. Lucky it just appeared on your chip

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