Friday’s Fences

For Friday’s Fences this week, I’m sharing pictures of a few fences around our little town of Smithfield.

This isn’t one of the older homes in Smithfield, but it’s beautiful nonetheless.

Pink roses on a white picket fence:  old-fashioned, southern charm.

And I learned a lesson a few seconds after taking THIS picture: when a homeowner sees you (from three driveways down the street) taking a photo of his fence, he just might get a little testy.

I explained that I just loved the old fence, showed him the picture on my camera, proving that it was of the fence and not his house, and he was fine.  (However, I did fail to mention that I planned to post it on the worldwide web.)

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24 responses to “Friday’s Fences

  1. I am still laughing at your encounter…reminds me of the boat owner who appeared in one of my closeups at the marina…I didn’t even realize he was there until after I snapped the shot (I saw him in the photo) and he didn’t look happy! I do love that fence though!

  2. Pretty homes AND fences! Love the pink roses tumbling over the white picket fence too….very Southern-ish! Perhaps “Mr. Testy” will be thrilled his fence made the internet…you never know!

    Happy Friday!
    Pam and Sam

  3. lol, yeah, glad you left that part out 😀 beautiful pics!

  4. Smithfield has some beautiful homes and Southern charm. Love the fences.

  5. Love the beautiful home and the fences. You know, when I did my “Flowers of Balboa Island”, I was a bit prepared for an “encounter” — I was going to explain I was only taking the flowers and not their home–but then I didn’t have to say anything–they must be used to it. I think our photos have guardian angels, too. 🙂

  6. There is so much variety in picket fences!
    I had an encounter sort of like that – I was capturing the ice on the trees in a front yard, and the guy tapped on the window and gave me a thumbs up.

  7. Love those pink roses on the fence. Usually they’re red so this is a real treat!

  8. This made me think, other than I really like that last fence, I wonder if Mr. Testy would have had the same reaction if you would have sat down with a sketch pad and started drawing it, *from three driveways down* or closer? So what is it with that? This sort of thing hasn’t happened to me *yet* but my day is coming. And hey, it’s not like you were stealing anything, other than what a persons eye already sees! Goodness Sakes. 🙂

  9. Oh my! Out causing problems in Smf. That’s not like you! I guess the lesson is to not get in the way of your photos or blog.
    You go girl!

  10. The first picture looks like a postcard! Great shots.

  11. These are simply charming, even if Mr. Testy was not. 😉

  12. Love the shot with the roses!
    This reminds me of my grandparents home. Their fence was post and wire but one spot had the most beautiful roses.

  13. The fence with the roses is just beautiful!!! And I’ve had a run in or two with homeowners as I walk through neighborhoods snapping garden, mailbox etc. pics…thank goodness I’ve always been able to talk my way out of it – avoiding any mention of the blogosphere as well!

  14. oh dear, oh dear. so much for southern hospitality.

  15. Oh wouldn’t we all like to have a fence and roses like this! My fence wouldn’t draw attention to anyone’s camera, and the deer won’t let the roses grow. I read another blog in which the author posts pictures of yards and flower gardens; helps us get ideas for our own.

  16. itsallaboutpurple

    gorgeous fences and i love the pink roses. i don’t know why some peeps are so cranky, i have met a few myself. i guess i just always think everyone is like me…..SUPER FRIENDLY!!! i have met many wonderful people as well, people who stoped what they were doing, answered all my questions and offered me a cold beverage. i have been given the opportunity to feed their animals, partake in viewing the birth of babies, and i also made one very good friend through my antic’s. keep tresspassing, it’s definetly worth it!!

  17. I’m glad you escaped! I had a similar run-in with a homeowner one day ( as you may remember), but just happened to know the right name to drop to turn it all around. What’s the problem?? The sign said “No VEHICLES beyond this point” .. and I was … on foot 😉

  18. magicalmysticalteacher

    Your experience with the homeowner is one I hope to avoid by always seeking fences in remote, rural areas!

    Empty Horse Corral

  19. Very beautiful. Hubby and I have an ongoing debate about fencing here…so far we’ve taken down the split rails and put up pines and forsythia (he won that property line) I’m still working on the other three 😉

  20. Wonderful white picket fences! I especially love the last one!

    I know what you mean about people wondering….I’ve never had anyone get testy and ask me what I was doing, but I am constantly taking pictures of people’s yard art and their fences and I have been waiting for the day when someone gets upset with me! 🙂 Frankly, if they didn’t have such pretty interesting things for people to enjoy….I mean, that kind’ve makes it their fault! 🙂

  21. Who doesn’t love a white picket fence? It is the essence of Americana – testy or not.

  22. So far I have been lucky with no run in’s with property owners. His fence is so wonder you took this shot!

  23. There’s just nothing prettier than pink roses on a white fence.

  24. I luv fences, Dianna — They add so much character to a home! Thanks for the scenic tour! =)

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