My Inheritance: A Green Thumb?

Today, I’m participating in Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop, and I chose this prompt:

3.) Do you have a green thumb? Tell us what kind of gardener you are.

You may recall I’ve mentioned that my Mom was one of twelve children.  They were a farming family, and most of them continued to have vegetable and/or flower gardens when they were well into their eighties.

Although I don’t claim to have inherited their green thumbs, I do enjoy dabbling with flowers. Many times when I’m out planting, watering or trimming, I’m reminded of the flowers my mom, her sisters and my grandma grew.

So, what type of gardener does this make me? I’m not sure, but definitely one who’s reminded of her ancestors as she goes about her little gardening tasks.

When we’re in the midst of a “dry spell”, and I’m hopeful praying for a rain shower, it’s the same feeling I’m sure they had many times. And when I smile at a perennial’s first little green sprout in the spring, I know it’s something they smiled about, too.

They, too, saw times that they were dirty, sweaty and exhausted after working outside, but knew all that work was necessary in order to avoid losing something they had planted.

With all that in mind, here’s what’s growing around here these days:

My grandmother always grew gladioli. Mine are doing well this summer…thanks to Liquid Fence. Without that, the glads would have been deer dinner weeks ago.

The little yellow vine is a black-eyed susan.  It has quite a task this summer to climb that trellis, but it’s off to a good start.

This huge flowerpot is filled with yellow portulaca and a citrus-scented geranium (mosquito plant).

Marshall gave me this hydrangea a few years ago. When he gave it to me, the blooms were blue, but because of our soil, they’re now pink. (My sweet mother called hydrangeas “high geraniums”.) The deer have enjoyed some of the leaves (top right), but left the blooms for me to enjoy.

In honor of my Mom’s family, I’m sharing this next picture, taken recently at Bacon’s Castle. This hydrangea has both pink and blue blooms on the same shrub.  Visitors to the Castle have suggested that the lime in nearby bricks may be the reason. I have to wonder if this was growing here all those years ago when Mom and her family called Bacon’s Castle home.

This is a close-up of one of the blue blooms: my very favorite. One day I’ll attempt to adjust our soil, so our hydrangeas will be blue, rather than pink. Or perhaps, I’ll have both colors on the same bush!

No, my thumb would never be that green.

Linking up to Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop.

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22 responses to “My Inheritance: A Green Thumb?

  1. Even though I can’t have a garden or even flowers now, every spring, the ‘farmer’ in me always longs to dig in the dirt in the spring.
    Your flowers are always beautiful!

  2. I LOVE the gladioli!!!

  3. My Mom always had gladioli, too. I tried growing them but our house faces west and the wind flattened ’em …. those blue hydrangea sure are pretty but so are the pink ones 🙂 I’d say you definitely have a green thumb pretty lady!!


  4. Such beautiful blooms! Love the glads and hydrangea. Mine has done better this year than ever. BTW, if you click the link on my post you can hear the song…you might remember it. I have always loved it…I think Johnny Mathis sang it originally.

  5. I could be happy on that deck surrounded by your beautiful flowers.

  6. You always have the prettiest flowers in your garden and I know how much you enjoy “digging in the dirt”. It shows!

  7. Oh I definitely think you’ve got a green thumb AND a real love of – and addiction to (!) – plants of all kinds. Hardly a week goes by in Spring without a visit to the nursery for some new treasure….and everything in your garden looks happy, healthy, and lovin’ life in your care! I’m quite sure all your gardening ancestors are proud of your green thumb…..

    Pam (and Sam)

  8. Well, my friend, it looks to me like you surely do have a green thumb. Lovely flowers! I’d color your world beautiful.

  9. This all proves that you did inherit a green thumb! We had some flowers growing up that my dad planted but most of his energy and ours was put into a huge vegetable garden. We grew enough to keep us through the winter. As much as I hated pulling weeds etc. I really miss growing veggies…and eating them!

  10. it’s nice that you remember your family as you watch things grow.

  11. I am slowly learning. Trying to read my way through a gardening primer to help. I have one decent veg and herb garden and in the fall I am going to attempt to get the rest in order. Someday I hope to have some beautiful hydrangeas in my front yard. 🙂

  12. Wow! .. so many great pics and captions here! I’ve talked to a few other people who just smile when I mention “high-geraniums” 🙂 … They’ve heard them called that before …! The Bacon’s Castle hydrangea got a zillion comments ( at least ) during the time I worked there.. Nice post!

  13. Dianna, these are beautiful! I love gladioli blooms. This is funny ~ I try to change my blue hydrangeas to pink. Both would be spectacular!

  14. You DO have a green thumb! Or shall we call it a flowery thumb? I loved looking at your photos – your property and flowers look amazing. Be proud!

  15. If you want blue hydrangeas, come plant them in our yard! (acidic soil) My mom told me that people would drive a nail into the ground at the plant base. As it rusted, the soil became acidic and turned the flowers blue.

  16. Beautiful! I didn’t know that hydrangeas could change color. I thought they were either blue or pink or greenish. Well, I’ve learned something new today!
    I think you are shortchanging your thumb. Looks pretty green to me! ~ Sheila

  17. PS…I know what you mean though…I come from a gardening heritage, both grandmothers were amazing vegetable and flower gardeners. I feel like I only dabble a little bit as I don’t have rows and rows of beans and squash and viney things growing everywhere! ~ Sheila

  18. I love those photos. My glads aren’t growing well this year unfortunately. =( I would love to get a hydrangea bush next year. How beautiful the ones at your family’s old home!!

  19. Sure looks like you have a green thumb! I killed tomato plants lol.

  20. Gorgeous flowers!

  21. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    You do very well with flowers my lady. Keep up the good work.

  22. Wonderful flowers! Love the gladiolus and also of course that lovely Bacon’s Castle hydrangea!

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