Friday’s Fences, Trees And A Stream

Last Sunday, when Motor Man and I went “barnstorming” out in the country, naturally, we found a few fences too.

Trees near the fenceline that aren’t cut become living fence posts.

My favorite fence picture of the day was this shot with the little stream.

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13 responses to “Friday’s Fences, Trees And A Stream

  1. Oh I can see why that was your favorite “fence shot”……!


  2. Water, when you find it–always refreshing.

  3. We have a few living fence posts!.. 🙂 I like all your fence shots today. Good Morning!

  4. I really like those shots…that is a neat stream too!

  5. I like the first picture the best with the way the road you were on bent around out of sight. Nice.

  6. Love the stream. I’d like to be there right now with a blanket on the ground, a good book and a bottle of wine!

  7. Scenes like pic 3 are one of the coolest things about the ‘backroads’ .. little streams with some hills and trees and a fence !

  8. As always, I’m trying to figure out where this is! But don’t recognize it…Love these country fences!

  9. pretty views.

  10. I like the last one too…love the stream!

  11. You and Motor Man on the road again! 🙂 The water adds a nice touch to the last fence photo.

  12. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    The last one is great with the lovely little stream.

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