Sunrise Saturday

Wednesday morning, we were up well before the sun, because Motor Man had an early appointment with an orthopedic specialist about his finger.

Of course, as a general rule, the best time for colorful sunrise shots is before the actual sunrise.

The sky on Wednesday was such a brilliant pink-orange, the color almost looked artificial.

More “artificial” colors.

The sky had quietened down by the time we passed this lake on the way to Motor Man’s appointment.

By the way, his finger is healing as expected; thanks for all your well wishes.

14 responses to “Sunrise Saturday

  1. A beautiful sky Dianna! I see a butterfly floating in the clouds in the second shot. I am so happy Motor Man’s finger is healing nicely. Good thing Sundae was around to do that Cat Scan that you mentioned! Good Morning!!

  2. Gorgeous….love pinkish skies…..glad you were up early to catch this one AND glad JR’s “paw” is healing well!!


  3. What a beautiful distraction on the way to keep a doctor appointment! So glad MM’s finger is healing nicely.

  4. So glad JR’s finger is doing well. I will find out how badly mine will hurt when the Dr. operates on Tues……..Hope I improve like he has done!!!!! I might need a cat scan and I don’t have a cat!!!!! Oh! all the sunrises are beautiful….

  5. Very beautiful…..again!

  6. beautiful – almost orange push-up colored. 🙂

    glad his finger is healing!

  7. Glad to hear the finger’s healing well ! And “orange push-up” is the right description! Great combinations of color and clouds in all of these ……

  8. One word for that sky….YUMMY!!!

  9. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    I second YUMMY!. So glad Motor Man is doing better. You two have a good weekend.

  10. Good news about Motor Man’s finger! The sunrise is wonderful.

  11. You have the most gorgeous sunrises to wake up to! I’m so behind on reading/commenting this week and didn’t know about MM’s finger! I’m glad to hear it is healing nicely. Hope it hasn’t been too painful for him. Take care and enjoy the weekend!

  12. Nothin’ better than a beautiful sunrise! … on a side note, I think I’ve fixed the link! So sorry for any troubles!

  13. Glad to hear that Motor Man is doing well. Makes those sunrises even more special, I’m sure.

  14. well, I’m sorry for his finger…but glad it got you out of bed so that we could enjoy these! Spectacular!

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