Sunset Sunday

Recently, we were on our way home from Newport News around the time of sunset. And, as we often do when that happens, we stopped at Huntington Park for pictures.

The jetty by the boat ramp there always makes for interesting photos.

A little editing = a little drama.

16 responses to “Sunset Sunday

  1. Beautiful……a little drama never hurt any photo!


  2. Beautiful photos. I was at the Crab Shack last night for sunset.

  3. Beautiful! I love the perspective in these!

  4. those are simply breathtaking!

  5. Your composition is just perfect, Dianna — and you grabbed my heart with the colors. I’d like to travel across the water to that sunset cloud kingdom you’ve magically captured.

  6. such lovely layers of color.

  7. Beautiful! You can see the mouth of the Pagan on the James.

  8. You always manage to surprise and delight us with your amazing photos.

  9. I like the clouds on the horizon that resemble mountains in the distance. Lovely shots, as always!

  10. Well…don’t like drama in my personal life, but drama in your photos is spectacular! Love your work! ~ Sheila

  11. So lovely! I love jettys…the angle on these ~ to include the shore, the jetty and the expanse of sea and sky is really wonderful!!

  12. Amazing set !!! Sorry I missed this one yesterday ! “Dramatic” is right for the last one !

  13. Drama’s what makes life interesting! 😉

  14. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    I love the drama of the last photo. Wonderful.

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