Treasure Hunting: Paper Dolls

My antiquing friend, Donna, and I made a morning of it last Saturday. After such a sad week, it was nice to enjoy a couple of hours of browsing and chatting, followed by lunch (and more chatting).

And the treasure I found this time? A Lennon Sisters paper doll set, dated 1957. I was too young at that time to play with paper dolls, but I do remember the Lennon Sisters.

paper doll 11-18-2013 9-19-05 PM

From the left, Janet, Dianne, Peggy and Kathy.

dolls 11-18-2013 9-19-19 PM

This is just a sample of the clothes that were included. Obviously, the little girl who owned this set took good care of it.

dolls and clothes 11-18-2013 9-22-45 PM

My friend, Janet, emailed me later in the weekend and asked what I’d found while antiquing. I replied with news about the Lennon Sisters paper dolls. She then wrote that she always liked the Lennon Sisters, because one was named Janet.  And I reminded her that one was named Dianne (my nickname). So in honor of Janet and Dianne, I “dressed” the two of them and actually found two of the little cardboard stands on which to display them.

janet and dianne 11-18-2013 9-35-08 PM

This little treasure set me back a whopping 50 cents.

Now, I wonder if I could get any of my friends to come over and play paper dolls?

~These Days Of Mine~

19 responses to “Treasure Hunting: Paper Dolls

  1. Me too! I always cut the peeps out of the Sear’s catalog.. 🙂

  2. I’ll come too!!!

  3. I thought they were so pretty!

  4. What time are we playing? Janet will be there!!! Thanks for the smile!

  5. Always loved my paper dolls!

  6. Oh my gosh, I’ll be right over!! I LOVED my paper dolls and played with them until they were worn out. I had a National Velvet paper doll (remember that with a very young Elizabeth Taylor?). I also remember the Lennon Sisters so well. And to Pix Under the Oaks, I also made my own paper dolls by cutting them out of the big Sears catalog. Fun memories!

  7. too cute. such a simpler time!

  8. Judging from the comments here, you could make a party of it ! The set looks to be in great condition !

  9. I had these paper dolls! I thought Kathy was so beautiful! What good memories!

  10. Great find! Patti and I need to go antiquing with you.

  11. Wow! What a find! We used to play paper dolls at the kitchen table … those Lennon sisters were some pretty sharp dressers 🙂

  12. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    I will be right over! I use to love paper dolls and watching the Lennon sisters on the Lawrence Welk Show every Saturday night with Grandmother Matthews. That was a good find Dianna.

  13. I think you’d better find some more, ’cause I want to play, too. What a find!

  14. So sweet you dressed Janet and Diane up! It was a wonderful find and a great day!

  15. I will…..I will!!! I used to love playing paperdolls. My Mom and I would design special clothes for them – such sweet memories!


  16. Hi Diana, I was researching the Lennon Sisters paper dolls for my doll blog and to my surprise this old post of yours popped up. They are lovely paper dolls aren’t they? My sister has them and recently bought a reproduction set as well. I hope you are still enjoying yours.

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