A Miss Gypsy Update

Many several a couple of you expressed concern in your comments yesterday regarding Gypsy getting cuddles and being warm at the shop.

Let me assure you that Gypsy gets her fair share of cuddling. From me….

db and gyp 10-15-2013 3-20-45 PM

db gypsy 11-25 11-25-2013 8-31-44 PM

And Motor Man…

jr and gyp 10-29-2013 6-34-33 AM

jr and gypsy 11-25-2013 8-31-31 PM

But, she also has every customer and friend who stops by the shop wrapped around her little paw.

gypsy on wayne's lap 11-1-2013 12-51-42 PM

Oh, and if Motor Man thinks she’s chilly, there’s always a soft shop rag nearby that can be used for a blankie.

gypsy undercover 10-31-2013 2-23-37 PM

So, never fear, little Miss Gypsy is comfy, cozy, happy and loved. And she thanks you for thinking of her.

~These Days Of Mine~

16 responses to “A Miss Gypsy Update

  1. I should have known Gypsy-girl was kept cozy and warm…after all you and Motor Man wouldn’t have it any other way. I think she’s going to keep that darling kitten face even after she’s a grown up cat-girl!
    Happy Thanksgiving, Gypsy-girl!

  2. I couldn’t even imagine for a second that Miss Gypsy was ANYTHING but spoilt rotten 🙂


  3. Best-treated shop cat in all of VA! 😉

  4. She’s so gorgeous and sweet…..and still has that kitten look about her. I know she’s in a nice warm, cozy spot all fixed up for her in that office with everything she needs. I am SURE she’s always happy when you pop by for a cuddle and I’m equally sure MM takes plenty of breaks at the shop just so he can have some snuggle time with her too! She’s a lucky little girl….


  5. Awwww she is just sooooo gorgeous! Whee love those pretty eyes and that pretty face! ^_^

    Nacho, Noah, Buddy & Basil

  6. Such a pretty kitty! Does she have any boyfriends? We may fight over her! Bo and Ko

  7. Hey! I knew she got her cuddles and snuggles in!!! Her eyes are beautiful in that third shot. She is a lucky kitty to have landed with you!

  8. She looks fine to me! Maybe at night after everybody is gone she hunts for those critters (mice!) that find their way into warm places (shops!). If not…I’m sure there are plenty of kitty toys around to hunt!

  9. That’s because lucky little Gypsy found herself some good-hearted, loving ‘pawrents.’ 🙂

  10. i did think of her but knew you couldn’t be in two places at once. bless that little sweetie…

  11. She’s doing fine; you can tell when all four paws are up in the air !

  12. She knows how to use her charmfulness already!

  13. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    I knew Gypsy was just fine! Her pawents would not have it any other way.
    Happy Thanksgiving to the whole Keen family from the Dunn family. 🙂

  14. Perfect! Looks like she’s in the lap of luxury! ~ Sheila

  15. I don’t know how you or Motor Man get any work done! LOL

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