Throwback Thursday

And this week, we’re going throwing WAY back with this picture.


Yes, that’s me, at two years old, holding a chicken, and staring lovingly at it.

I’m really hoping my sister, June, can shed some light on this picture.  Was this chicken a pet? Since I was afraid of EVERYTHING when I was a child, why was I not afraid to hold said chicken?

Speaking of my sister, here’s the comment she made regarding the lamp I wrote about in yesterday’s post:

” I think I can solve the mystery of where the lamp came from. If I remember (and this was a LOOOOONG time ago!) Mama asked us to go and buy her a lamp. So Daddy took Rose and I to buy the lamp. Mama was not really pleased when we came back with this one. She wanted a large full-size lamp and to her this did not fit the bill. So I’m a little surprised that she kept it for so long. ..”

I know why she kept the lamp for so long: because her husband and daughters bought it for her.

Now, June….what do you know about that chicken?

~These Days Of Mine~

15 responses to “Throwback Thursday

  1. Oh that’s a great photo! Can’t wait to hear what June has to say about it. Actually this photo would have made a great “Caption This” blog…..! My caption would be “If I squeeze this chicken hard enough will it lay an egg????”…….


  2. What I love about this picture is the way you’re cradling the chicken — just like you do with Sundae Girl and Gypsy Baby 🙂

    Neat story about the lamp; still think it needs a cobalt blue shade!

  3. I’m sorry that I’m going to disappoint everyone but I have no idea about that chicken. Was there a date on the picture? I think it was taken one of the few years I lived in Syracuse. Wish I knew more about it myself. And I don’t think it was taken in our yard because we never had lawn chairs painted like that ….and the seats of the chairs aren’t make like Daddy made them. I’m no help at all!!

  4. I have got to say, it’s a very cute picture! I think you were a brave little kid to hold that chicken. I never trust chicken feeties. Or beaks.

  5. OK – the feet of the chicken are tied……..I think it may have headed to the supper table. Mom always tied our chickens’ feet together before we “prepared” them for dinner. Hope that was too much!!! You may have been saying goodbye and not known it.

  6. sorry – Hope that wasn’t too much!!!

  7. I was lucky enough to have chickens but not till I was an adult. I loved my Road Island Red girls. Most people may not know that chickens are soft and in the right conditions very clean. I remember Ethan as a 2 year old sitting in the pen with me, with one of my “girls” in his lap both very content while he stroked her. He would put his cheek on her and even give her a kiss. Now David tells another story! They didn’t like him and would run away from him or peck at him. He lived on a farm growing up in Oregon and killed many a chicken in his day…and I thing somehow they knew!

  8. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    What ever the story may be, the picture is priceless.

  9. You were a brave two-year-old I think! My grandparents had lots of chickens but I don’t ever remember holding one….chasing them, yes, holding them, no. 😉

  10. I think I remember seeing this picture before ! – a great throwback!

  11. I noitice the brick pillar behind you on the porch (as a clue where you were) and I too noticed the dark boards on the chair. When I was about that same age I was attacked by a rooster and taken to Dr Rosenberg in Waverly ,
    Your pictures are such a great walk down memory alley!

  12. You were adorable. I’m also amazed how lovingly you were looking at the chicken. I grew up on a farm, but can’t quite imagine carrying a chicken when I was that small. I think that a chicken’s flapping wings would have frightened me.

  13. I love this pic! My dad raised chickens, but I don’t think I was allowed to hold them…only gather the eggs.

  14. Oh, you were an animal lover even then!

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