Sundae Says: How I Spent My Weekend

Happy Monday, everyone: Sundae, here, reporting in on my busy weekend.

How did you like my step-sister, Gypsy’s, glamour  shots last week?  She’s such a pretty little thing. But, I’m sure you’ll agree that THIS is a real glamour gal:

sundaes glamour shot1 2-14-2014 7-17-15 AM

Saturday,  I was escorted to the Valentine Ball by my boycatfriend, Sammy. He’s such a gentleman, and we danced the night away.


After all that pawtying, yesterday was a day to relax. I spent much of it in “seclusion”.

sundae under throw 2-16-2014 7-13-45 AM

And how was YOUR weekend? I hope it was full of love and purrs.

~These Days Of Mine~

19 responses to “Sundae Says: How I Spent My Weekend

  1. the paw shot under the blankie just takes takes the cake! Glad Sundae had a happy Valentine’s day, too

  2. Friday brought flowers just in time for three house showings over the weekend. Simple tulips in the kitchen and a grand one on the sofa table.

  3. Love Sundae’s glamour shot…..with the little heart! Sam said he had a tough time keeping up with Sundae on the dance floor but had a ton of fun!

    Hugs, Sammy

  4. Well our weekend was not as exciting as the Valentine Ball with Sammy. I cleaned the house, did laundry and ironed, CH rounded up tax stuff. Love the glamour shot but the blankie shot cracks me up this morning.. 😆

  5. I’m with everyone about the glamour shot being beautiful but really love the ‘in seclusion’ shot. She has to rest up from all that dancing!

  6. sundae you are a beauty!

  7. we had an awesome weekend!! a nice blend of rest and fun!! i would be flattered if you made a date jar for mm and i think he would really like it. i shared a sunset today, that i am sure you will love….if you get a chance to stop by!! xo

  8. Oh Sundae, me does that every day! Mes LOVES to sleeps under the blankets!

  9. 😉 a busy weekend ! The paws are great !

  10. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Looks like you had a wonderful Valentines, Sundae. Your looking better than ever!

  11. Oh my 2 glamour gals in one family. The Motor Parents are so lucky to have such gorgeous babes. I enjoyed reading about your weekend . Take care glamour gal. 🙂

  12. What a precious necklace that is! Bet you just love it.

  13. Awww were you completely worn out from all the ‘dancing’?!

    Whee think you are both adorably glamorous! ^_^

    Nacho, Noah, Buddy & Basil

  14. Sundae, you definitely display an image of sophisticated glamor that may even outshine the upstart Gypsy. And I love your decision to spend a day in seclusion. After all, you had a momentous weekend. My weekend was rather boring by comparison. 🙂

  15. “A day in seclusion”; I love it…

  16. Hope you didn’t wear those beautiful toesies out with all that dancing!

  17. Sundae is really cute. She looked so fancy all dress up for the dance.

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