Our view here at home is ever-changing.

Sunrise, January 31, ice on the water.

icy marina at sunrise 1-31-2014 6-58-36 AM

February 12, a snowy afternoon.

deck 2-12-2014 4-31-48 PM

February 21, severe thunderstorm warning and tornado watch. Yes, that’s wind on the water.

storm clouds 2-21-2014 1-04-37 PM

February 25, a lavender sky at sunrise.

lavender 2-25-2014 6-40-10 AM

(Although beautiful in their own way, I’m ready to replace the winter views with spring ones.)

~These Days Of Mine~

18 responses to “Ever-Changing

  1. The view may be ever-changing but one thing stays the same….it’s gorgeous every single day.


  2. Beautiful yes! The third picture certainly is dramatic! Grabbed me right away. The lavender sky is lovely in its soft pastels. And I am with you, ready to leave winter behind, especially with our latest 10 day forecast. I have had it! I want to stick my lower lip out and pout and then cry!

  3. Gorgeous vistas. I like the warm afterglow that lingers after the sun has set.

  4. I agree with Pam….the view is gorgeous all the time but it’s time for some flowers, sun and WARMTH!

  5. I’m with you on the spring! Two beautiful days here in the lower 70’s and now this morning rain and cold! It seems the weather can’t make its mind up anywhere this winter.

  6. And snowing here this morning at 8 am. Ugh!

  7. I’d be watching the changing sky all the time – might not get much done. God’s beauty in the serene and storm. I’m reminding myself of that this morning as the snow flurries fall. Come On Spring!

  8. Definitely ready for some more lavender skies. What a tease. Slept in a little this morning under the warm covers as I could tell by hearing the heating turn on in the night in short intervals that the temperature had dropped. Spring is holding out for another winter cold spell here.

  9. As much as I love winter, I’ve got to agree with you! I’m ready for spring and color and budding trees and flowers…oh [big sigh], but woke up to a snow-covered landscape again. It will come in due time. Your photos were great as always!!

  10. Ditto! Your photos of the changing scenes of winter in your home landscape are wonderful reminders of the fickle winter we are having. Things are not bad here now, except it is expected to be in the teens or single digits tonight. Still, I am weary of the barren landscape and not inventive enough now to see deeper beauty as you have found. Visitors are coming this weekend though, hopefully to brighten things up.

  11. Never a shortage of amazing views from the deck! – but Spring ones will be nice!

  12. always love the color in the sky you get!

  13. And they say the wind can’t be seen. 🙂 Great shots.

  14. itsallaboutpurple

    I am lovin’ all your views!! I have been seeing a lot of the same!!

  15. I agree beautiful views, but I am looking forward to your spring shots! 🙂

  16. I can picture you and Motor Man having breakfast on the deck in another month or two. 🙂

  17. I agree. Winter is beautiful but I know how you must long for the warmer days and sunshine. Because I’m missing them too.
    Your photos are so pretty. 🙂

  18. It sure is a fabulous view. I much prefer those lovely sunrises though to the snowy weather. Those storm clouds looked menacing.

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