Random Five Friday

Wrapping up another week with Random Five Friday:

1.) Sundae had her yearly check-up yesterday and got a good report. I was very proud of her: she was so well-behaved. She didn’t meow or try to fight the vet or the assistants. Good girl!

sundae 12-30-2013 9-01-10 PM

2.) Not quite yet, but we’re getting close to seeing jonquil blooms.

buds 2-25-2014 9-25-21 AM

3.) My friends and I celebrated Shirley’s birthday Wednesday at a little Italian restaurant. The servers there know us well and seem to enjoy us coming in for lunch.  We were having fun, posing for pictures and pretending to “cater to” the birthday girl. (“Growing old is mandatory, growing up is optional.” ~ Chili Davis)

bd girl 2-26-2014 2-07-05 PM

4.) One of the perks of blogging is “meeting” new people.  Yesterday, I “met” a VERY distant relative. She’d found my Friday’s Fences post about Smith’s Fort Plantation from April of last year, and left a comment that she was researching a mutual ancestor, Thomas Warren. Thomas was my 8th great grandfather and her 10th great grandfather.  Wonder exactly what “kin” that makes us?

5.) All together now:  “GOOD-BYE FEBRUARY”!

sun setting 2-9-2014 5-31-18 PM

Stop over at Nancy’s for more random thoughts.

~These Days Of Mine~

16 responses to “Random Five Friday

  1. Good Girl Sundae! We want you healthy and happy!! Good-Bye February! Could March be a little better behaved? Your friend Shirley’s birthday celebration looks like you all had a blast!!! Good Morning Dianna!

  2. All of these pictures make me happy!! Since I’m a cat lover, a flower lover, a friend lover and a sunset & Spring lover:)

  3. I love so many things about your blog but I think what I love the most is the way you celebrate every day — your beautiful kitty kat, your lovely friends, and life in general. Well done!

  4. So happy Sundae got a good report…..just wish I could feel POSITIVE about February leaving – it would help if snow wasn’t in the forecast for Monday! Happy Friday…………


  5. I’m not sorry at all to see February go!! March HAS to be better although a couple of our biggest snow storms were in March.

  6. YES – Good Bye February. Love your marsh bannern. Those marsh grasses will be green soon!

  7. i LOVE your new header! huge WOW factor!!!

  8. So cool that you found a relative – and one with a common interest in ancestry! No ‘almost’ blooms up here yet…just lots of buds!

  9. Glad Sundae did good at the vet !
    And the new header is great ….. warm weather ahead !
    Happy Birthday, Shirley !

  10. Yay for Sundae! Glad she’s doing well. Goodbye, February, and good riddance. Now can we have some warmth? I like your new header, too. I saw little peeps of snow-on-the-mountain outside the back door, and the fennel has some green showing up. I guess I’d better get busy and write my Random 5 post! I just realized we use the same WP theme. I’ve been looking at everyone’s lately, thinking to update mine at some point.

  11. Sundae, so glad to hear you had a A+ checkup! The flowers coming up is a wonderful sign that Spring is almost here. I to am glad to see Feb leaving!!
    Have a good weekend.

  12. Hurrah! A happy Welcome Spring post and so lighthearted it makes me want to smile. Congratulations Sundae and here’s to your friend’s birthday and to meeting new kin from around the world. 🙂

  13. Congrats to Sundae on her good report. She’s a cutie.
    How fun to spend time with your friends.
    My daffodils are up, not nearly as far as yours but getting there. It will be wonderful to see them bloom.
    Yes, Good-Bye to Feb. let the good times begin!

  14. I enjoyed you R5 list.
    Way to go Sundae keep on being a lovely and healthy gal.
    Looks like Spring is springing in your region.
    That’s so neat about the 8th grandfather connection. Awesome just awesome! 🙂

  15. Wow, it’s amazing how close your jonquils are to blooming. Are jonquils the same thing as daffodils?

  16. Good girl Sundae and waoooo, you will have many beautiful flowers soon❤️
    Beautiful post and great photos , Dianna!

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