Aggie’s Birthday

You may remember previous posts about Aggie, the white horse whose pasture we drive by on our trips to and from the Outer Banks. (If you’re a new reader and would like to catch up on Aggie: here are the links to my first post, second post and third post about her.)

A few months ago, I posted a picture of Aggie on an Outer Banks Facebook page of which I’m a member. A friend of Aggie’s family sent me a private message with some info, and included in that message was Aggie’s birth date: March 30, 1992. Yes, Aggie turned 22 years young yesterday.

Our plans for the day happened to take us in Aggie’s direction, so we paid her a birthday visit.  We took her a Happy Birthday balloon.

"For me?  You shouldn't have!"

“For me? You shouldn’t have!”

And a gift…

db with aggie and gift bag 3-30-2014 12-09-17 PM

She couldn’t wait to see what was inside:

"Hurry! Hurry" What's in that bag?"

“Hurry! Hurry” What’s in that bag?”

Our birthday gift to Aggie was a carrot and a few horse treats.

aggie gift 3-30-2014 12-09-33 PM

Happy Birthday, Aggie!

aggie and balloon 3-30-2014 12-12-43 PM

( And psst: you don’t look a day over 21.)

~These Days Of Mine~

27 responses to “Aggie’s Birthday

  1. Not sure who looks happier, her or you? 🙂 MJ

  2. Aggie looks good for 22! It looks like she had a happy birthday, thanks to you!

  3. Happy Birthday Aggie. What a lucky girl she is to have 2 such thoughtful human friends.
    Wow 22 is awesome. I would’ve never guessed. Aggie certainly has aged well and must be well taken care of.

  4. She looks great for 22! Lucky Aggie getting a Birthday surprise from you and Motor Man. Sweet post Dianna!

  5. What a great post….I’m sure Aggie loved the birthday balloon and treats! She’ll be looking for you every time a car slows down….hoping for more treats.

  6. A Feel Good all the way around!

  7. Awww…you never miss a chance to celebrate, do you? Love the party! Happy Birthday, Aggie.

  8. So cute.

  9. Aggie is beauteous and yous right,,,she does not look a day over 21!

  10. You made sure Aggie’s year started out great! What a nice post and a nice thing to do for a friend!

  11. I bet you made Aggie’s day and I suspect it made your day happy and brighter too! I’ve been missing comments from you on my blog, Dianna, are you still getting them on your reader?

  12. Well how special! I’m sure she enjoyed having a bit of a party – what girl doesn’t? Nice of you to stop by and bring her some birthday treats…


  13. how adorable. 🙂 hope her owners weren’t too surprised by the balloon!

  14. You are one special person!

  15. The beautiful poem you shared last week does apply to you, Lady. Happy Birthday Aggie! She’ll be sneaking down to see you for years to come.

  16. It’s nice of you and other to visit her and take her treats. It still always makes me sad because she is always alone. Horses are pack animals and like to be with other horses. They have plenty of room for two? Maybe if they could just get her a goat? Every time I drive by she looks so lonely.

  17. Happy Birthday, Aggie!
    That last pic is perfect !

  18. Dianna, you are just the kindest person!! To people and animals and that is the best kind of person of all! Aggie did look happy and flattered to be remembered. I guess that means the same people have had her since a baby filly–would be sweet to see a picture of her as a baby. Thanks for sharing!

  19. I pass her frequently and also always feel sorry for her being all alone out there. And without a coat on the very cold days we have had recently! But I am relieved to hear that she has owners who are responsive. And a following here!!! I have stopped to photograph her on occasion and will continue to do so. Happy Birthday Aggie!

  20. Aggie is a very special horse, that is not hard to see. You can’t but fall in love with her. She has found two good friends in you and MM. Happy Birthday Aggie!!!!!

  21. Aggie is aging beautifully!

  22. Well Happy Birthday Aggie, That was so sweet that you visited her and brought her a birthday gift.

  23. How I love it when you stop to give Aggie treats. She obviously knows you well now and adores you for your kindness and attention. Happy Birthday Aggie! And thank you Dianna for sharing this very special friendship with your blogging friends.

  24. Happy birthday, Aggie! You two have gotten to be good buddies.

  25. You are a Currituck Icon, seen by so many and Loved more than you know. Have a Happy 22nd Birthday and many, many more healthy ones to come.♥♥♥♥

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