Random Five Friday

It’s F-r-i-d-a-y! Time for Random Five!

1.) Have you been missing the kitties on These Days recently?  Here’s what Miss Gypsy’s been up to….with her mischieveous “human brother”.

marshall and gypsy bunny ears 3-12-2006 4-57-44 PM

2.) As Motor Man was leaving for the shop earlier this week, he spotted this: our backyard version of the “Tortoise and the Hare”.

hare and tortoise 5-28-2014 6-34-26 AM

3.) Wednesday evening, I saw the first lightning bug of the season — and caught it.  I was reminded of Marshall’s childhood. After gently catching a lightning bug, he was taught to open his hand and let it crawl to the tip of his finger. “Fly away home to your family, Lightning Bug”.

4.) We had heavy storms and much needed rain Wednesday night; I won’t have to water plants for awhile.

boats 5-28-2014 7-05-52 PM

5.) This week, I was contacted by a reader in Florida (a native Tidewater Virginian) asking permission to make one of my photos into a cross stitch graph for her private use.  As a former cross stitcher, I can’t imagine how involved this will be. But I agreed and asked only that she send me a picture of her completed project. When she does, with her permission, I’ll share it with my readers.

late aftn

That wraps up another week!

~These Days Of Mine~

15 responses to “Random Five Friday

  1. That’s great about the cross-stitcher wanting to do a project with one of your photos…..I imagine that will be beautiful when it’s done. Happy Random Friday!


  2. Tortoise and hare – made me smile. Love ALL your pics. A good Friday to you.

  3. This post made me smile 🙂 and like you, I can’t imagine the complexity of that cross-stitch pattern but it will be fun to see it when its complete!!

    Good to see Gypsy AND her silly brother again,

  4. WOW! Hope the reader gives you permission to share the cross-stitch. She probably has a program to make the photo into a graph. But we both know, even with that, the cross-stitch itself will take a while.

  5. Your photos are so beautiful, I can see why someone would like to use one for a cross-stitch pattern. I can’t wait to see the finished project.
    Oh, I loved to catch lightning bugs as a child. For some reason, I don’t see as many here in the south.
    Enjoy your weekend!

  6. I tortoise and hare photo is great. What fun!. . . and I’m looking forward to seeing the cross-stitch picture. I have no idea how someone could convert a photo into a cross-stitch pattern, but it sounds wonderful.

  7. Ditto on the rain over here in Central VA. We are soggy and the garden is grateful. I look forward to seeing the cross-stitched version of your photo. What a compliment.

  8. Fun Random 5! Gotta laugh at your version of tortoise and the hare.. 🙂 We have bunnies this spring, first time since moving out to The Tiny Ten. Must be the lack of dogs and cats running loose. Cool about your photo being used for cross-stitch project!

  9. As a former cross-stitcher too, all I can say is wow! That’s awesome! I also can’t imagine the work that will go into that piece of art. I sure hope she allows you to share the finished product with us. I chuckled at your tortoise and hare — right place at the right time for that one!

  10. I love the tortoise and the hare pic! What a great catch. And Congratulations on the cross-stitch version of one of your photos. That is quite an honor. 🙂

  11. OMG-the tortoise and hare is priceless! I notice that sweet Gypsy really loves men–cute picture of her and Marshall, who truth be know-is also cute! Great weekend my friend and thanks for the words and pictures!

  12. 1. Gypsy looks so happy and content in her Big Brother’s lap. Marshall looks like a little boy (with a beard) full of silliness.
    2. I love the tortoise and the hare. That’s such a great photo. Way to go MM.
    I guess it goes to show that life does imitate art.
    3. Such a sweet memory of Marshal and firefliesl.
    Interesting bit of trivia: There isn’t any lightning bugs in Ireland.
    4. I’m happy to hear that you all got some much needed rain.
    We got some and our garden is so much happier now.
    5. Congratulations on your photo. That such a rare request.
    I can hardly wait to see what the cross-stitch looks like.
    This is so cool!

    Wishing you a pleasant weekend.

  13. Friday again??
    I couldn’t resist… I don’t think I’ve ever given the bunny ears to a person before !
    It’s pretty cool the tortoise & hare were there at the same time- gotta’ have that camera ready!

  14. Marshall and Gypsy look very content spending time together, What was the chance of you taking the hare and tortoise photo! That is priceless !
    The rain was a nice break from watering the flowers. When we were young I remember catching the lighting bugs, great fun, The last picture is beautiful with the reflecting of the sky. Excellence shot. Wishing you and JR a good weekend.

  15. Gypsy has to put up with so much! LOL Were the tortoise and the hare racing? Hope to see the cross-stitched picture!

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