Random Five Friday

After skipping last week, today, I’m back on track for R5F.

1.) I visited my friend, Shirley, recently. She lives in her family’s old homeplace, and has two peacocks, both named George. I’d visited before, attempting to get good pictures of George, but he didn’t cooperate. Last week, he favored me with a pose. That beautiful green corn growing in the background reminded me of the summer days of my childhood.

george 6-12-2014 12-25-34 PM

2.) Wednesday evening, as I was out enjoying the sunset with Bride Swan, I heard a boat approaching.  I’m not good at recognizing boats from a distance, but as it was passing through the No Wake zone in front of our house, I heard a voice call out: “Hello, Aunt Dianne!”.  I realized it was our nephew, his wife and  their two little girls. I thought they might like a photo of their sunset cruise.

a boat3 6-18-2014 8-08-03 PM 6-18-2014 8-08-03 PM

3.) I think Sundae’s jealous of all of Gypsy’s publicity on the blog this week.  Here’s exactly how she feels about it.

sundaes tongue 6-15-2014 9-48-08 AM

4.) You may recall my concern about the proximity of the “new” osprey nest to the marina. I wasn’t sure how the osprey parents would respond to all the human activity there once summer arrived. Apparently the ospreys are adapting, which is a good thing. As you can see by this picture, that is a party spot on the weekends.

ospreys 6-15-2014 7-29-10 PM

5.) We seem to be in our typical summer weather pattern already. After a week of temps in the upper 90’s, we’re ready for some rain. Yesterday afternoon brought spotty showers, while the heavier storms passed to our north or to our south. Perhaps we’ll see more of this today…?

rain 6-13-2014 3-43-48 PM

Meanwhile, I’m heading out to water plants…

~These Days Of Mine~


23 responses to “Random Five Friday

  1. Nice bunch of “randoms” today……Sundae’s coloring is so beautiful – she has nothing to worry about in sharing the spotlight with Gypsy! I’m glad the ospreys aren’t bothered by the party-makers on the dock – I’d like to think the humans are at least somewhat sensitive to the wildlife. Happy Friday!


  2. George is one pretty peacock!

    I do think Miss Sundae girl has nothing to worry about, her admirers are very loyal 🙂

    enjoy your weekend ~ MJ

  3. Wonderful Randoms! Sundae is beautiful,the peacock is amazing, glad the osprey aren’t disturbed by the humans! Have a wonderful weekend!
    Marty’s Mom

  4. Loved all the pics! Shirley’s peacock is beautiful! And the corn field makes the perfect backdrop which also brings back wonderful memories for me too:)

  5. Loved all the random pictures today. Sundae has to remember we can love her and Gypsy-girl. Love the sunset picture. We got the storm and heavy rain that passed to the north of you. A shame you didn’t get enough rain so you wouldn’t have to water!

  6. Nice Randoms Dianne! George is gorgeous! Happy to hear the update on the ospreys!!!

  7. Wonderful set of randomnesses.
    George is quite handsome. That’s a luscious looking corn field.
    The sunset photo is a treasure for them to have. You’re a sweet Aunt.
    Sundae is so pretty, even when she’s being catty. lol
    I’m glad the ospreys are still doing well. That nest is huge.
    I hope you have a pleasant weekend. :),

  8. we were happy to get spots of rain this week here, too. raised the humidity but it’ll keep things green for a bit longer. those ospreys… wow, that’s close!

  9. The storms blew through here on the OBX with just a bit of rain. I’m surprised you have to water! Didn’t you get enough rain there from Mother Nature?

  10. We’ve had a ton of rain this week, enough that the garden was in puddles. Enjoyed your random 5 as always. Glad to see George cooperated!

  11. Covering all the bases with R5F – once again! Amazing colors in the first pic – the different greens are great together!

  12. George is a beauty and as always, you have beautifully captured your Friday events. I especially like the one of Sundae’s “attitude” about Gypsy.

  13. Lovely photos, Dianna. And why are both peacocks named George?

    • Shirley’s late mother named all the male peacocks “George” and all the females “Georgette”. Just a little quirk, I guess. These 2 Georges are the only ones they still have.

  14. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    R5F I always look forward to! Shirley’s peacock is beautiful and the background just adds to it. Sundae could never be left out of anything. So glad to hear that the ospreys are OK. As far as the rain we had a down pour and storm for about half hour or more. I certainly got out of watering my flowers last night. Have a good weekend, Dianna

  15. Thanks for the update on the osprey, Dianna. I’ve been wondering about them. I’m so happy to hear they’re adjusting to the surrounding.
    Please send some rain our way…we’re missing all of the storms. Happy Weekend!

  16. The peacock is beautiful. Did you happen notice if it was noisy? My father used to talk about someone he knew years ago who had a peacock–and he always claimed that it was a very noisy bird.

  17. jojocatfromhell

    What beautiful shots! and Sundae and Gypsy thanks for stopping by and wishing me a happy first Gottcha Day!!!
    Jo Jo at the Cat From Hell

  18. I didn’t think anything ruffled Sundae’s fur, you must have found her Achilles paw. The peacock is perfectly prideful in front of the corn. When everything needs watering, it would be kind of nice to get some of the rainfall in the area. Glad the osprey don’t mind the party crowd much.

  19. Love the peacock shot! Hope you’re cooling down and enjoying some rainy days! ~ Sheila

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