Come Saturday Morning

Motor Man and I spent the weekend on the Outer Banks. (I’m never sure which preposition to use: “on” the Outer Banks, “in” the Outer Banks, “at” the Outer Banks. Β It was much easier in the old days when everyone referred to it as Nags Head.

Saturday morning, we drove up on the beach. It was very overcast, so we didn’t even attempt to get there in time for sunrise. But, later in the morning, the sun did manage to break through the clouds.

waves 6-21-2014 8-17-15 AM

The beach is different every time we go. This was a severe….shelf? gully? wash? Β We’d never seen one that deep before. Definitely not something we wanted to drive over, even in our trusty little 4-wheel drive Jeep.

gully 6-21-2014 8-20-15 AM

I did a little “shelling”, while Motor Man did a little unauthorized picture-taking.

db shelling1 6-21-2014 10-48-54 AM

When I got back in the Jeep and glanced at him, this is what I saw.

motorman visor 6-21-2014 10-51-16 AM

Hey…he may take unauthorized photos, but I’m the one with the blog.

jr 6-21-2014 10-51-22 AM

We traveled the “back roads”; it was a fun morning on (and off) the beach.

off road 6-21-2014 11-14-40 AM

Did we see horses? I’ll tell you tomorrow!

~These Days Of Mine~

23 responses to “Come Saturday Morning

  1. Nice photos Dianna – even of Motor Man doing his best “duck” impression with that hat that looks like a beak!!!!! HAHA……that shelf that formed from the waves is impressive….can’t blame you for avoiding that even in the jeep!


  2. Looks like fun!! Love the ocean pic! We’re planning to go there the first week of August. If you happen to go then, it would be great to see y’all:)

  3. See, people like me who have never been to the Outer Bank or Nags Head don’t know it’s one and the same! πŸ™‚ Thank you!

    I think Motor Man has a crush on you, why else would he snap an unauthorized pic?

    And his wearing the visor on his face is hilarious – like looking at a silly old bird driving along – I’ll bet you laughed out loud!!

    ~Cheers! MJ

  4. That looks so relaxing! I hope it was.

  5. lol It’s so fun sharing you and MM’s adventures. I miss the beach. My husband is like MM on the unauthorized picture taking. lol
    I’m so glad you & MM have a great sense of humor. Your blog is a treat.
    Now about them horses.. πŸ™‚

  6. MM has the earliest sense of humor! He’s caught me too many times with his straight faced joke telling! Looks like a great day even with the clouds!

  7. That should have been “wackiest” sense of humor. Darn Know-it-all tablet!!!

  8. Ooooo, that last picture is leading us somewhere!
    I think it’s a great getaway however you say it.. πŸ˜€

  9. m.m. is too cute. πŸ™‚

  10. Love stormy days on the beach. Did you find any sea glass?

  11. THat first pic is great – so bold!
    Tomorrow’s post should be good, too! I’ve already heard a little about this trip πŸ˜‰

  12. Quack, Quack! He looks like Donald Duck. Too funny! Great sense of humor! A keeper! You lucky girl!

  13. ….And the beach sunrise on Thursday morning after the storms was absolutely beautiful. What a reward for getting up early for us. No horses down our way though.

  14. Looks like fun!! And Motor Man has quite the sense of humor, doesn’t he? πŸ™‚ My daughter and son-in-law are with a bunch of friends ‘on-in-at’ (I know, which one to use??)OBX this week and I have to admit I’m a tad jealous.

  15. I always enjoy your Outer Banks/Nags Head adventures. Hoping you saw horses on that wild beautiful beach. πŸ™‚

  16. That’s what makes the ocean so magnificent, it is different every time. I grew up going to Nags Head…I’ll probably always refer to it by that name.
    Thanks for the beautiful photos, Dianna! Love seeing the playful side of MM!

  17. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Your first picture is beautiful. Love the colors. JR’s picture of your hat on is face is priceless! We are lucky to have husbands that have such a fun side to them.

  18. Too funny! MM must be a laugh a minute.

  19. It looks like you enjoyed the time on the Outer Banks! Nice pictures.

  20. Sounds like a great way to spend the day. I love the beach even though I so rarely get to visit one. Loved the unauthorized photo of you and of course hubby’s shot too, he did look like he was having fun with that hat.

  21. I love the beach! You always inspire me with your photos. And although we’ve seen many beautiful coast lines, I’ve never been to one with horses. So that’s on my to-do list…maybe one day we’ll make it down there! ~ Sheila

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