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If you were following my blog last summer, you may recall that, for the first time, I entered the Corolla Wild Horse Fund Calendar Photo Contest. I was over-the-moon-thrilled that one of my photos was chosen to be included in the 2015 calendar.

db and calendar 8-24-2014 2-45-57 PM

The deadline to enter the contest for the 2016 calendar is August 31, so this weekend, I sent in my entries for this year. And, once again, I’m having a little blog giveaway relating to the Corolla Wild Horses. Today,  I’m going to share with you the three photos I submitted, and ask you to comment on which one you think MIGHT be selected by the judges.

I’m well aware that last year may have just been “beginner’s luck” and that I may not be so fortunate in this contest. But, here are my three pictures:

This one is “Horse and Surf”. It was taken very early one Sunday morning when Motor Man and I were among very few humans on the beach. It was such a peaceful time; my favorite time of day to see the horses.

horse and surf 8-18-2013 7-48-42 AM

 Next, “2 Stallions”. This was also taken early one morning.

2 stallions 9-1-2013 8-30-017

And last, but not least, this one is “Horses in Grass”.  All the Corolla horses are beautiful, but the ones with the “blonde” manes always remind me of surfer boys.

horses in grass 8-11-2013 12-01-057

Please leave a comment on this post, saying which photo you think MIGHT stand a chance. Once the judge’s choices are announced, IF one of my photos is selected, I’ll choose a winner from the readers who chose that picture. If none of my pictures makes it into the 2016 calendar, I’ll just choose a winner at random.

Part of the prize package will be the 2015 Corolla Wild Horse Calendar, and I’ll add in some other goodies.

Disclaimer: the photos are given a random code when received for judging, and the judges have no information about the photographer. The judges for this contest were listed on the entry form, and I don’t know either of them, and doubt seriously if they’ve ever heard of me or this blog.

~These Days Of Mine~

44 responses to “Giveaway!

  1. All 3 are stunning! I think 2 Stallions will be the finalist for the calendar – and I very much hope the judges agree and even consider including 2 or 3 – since the Horse & Surf would be my 2nd choice!

  2. Well, since I’m going to disqualify myself (after all, we can’t have a sister winning!) I’m just going to say I’m glad I’m not a judge. I think they’re all fantastic!

  3. I totally love the first one the best although all three are magnificent!



  5. Good luck Dianne! Horse and Surf is my fave. 🙂

  6. I love the one, “Horse and Surf”. All of your pictures capture such wonderful magical moments with these animals. We’re going down tomorrow and I’m so looking forward to experiencing them first hand. BTW, Congrats on the calendar, you deserve it.

  7. I love them all as u well know but it’s something about #3 for me….

  8. Beautiful photos! I will guess “Horse and Surf” as it resonates peacefulness with the crashing waves behind.

  9. I love them all and just may come back to let you know if I decide a favorite. I’ll ask Rick…he does have a good eye. I’m so glad you’re entering again. Wishing you the best on a repeat.

    • Okay, after some discussion on the porch, Rick says “2 Stallions.” He likes the movement. So hard to choose Dianna. I do like “Horse and Surf”, there’s a nice contrast of movement of the waves and a horse at rest.

  10. I am torn between Horse & Surf and 2 Stallions, but I think the 2 Stallions are going to win. I probably don’t qualify for a prize, but I had to put my 2 cents in about the beautiful photos. You know how I feel about horses and cats!

  11. Beautiful. I am partial to the quiet grace of the first one!

  12. All three are beautiful, Dianna, but if number 2 isn’t selected they’re crazy!

  13. Horse and Surf! Good luck Dianna!!! Fingers crossed!

  14. Photo #1 is definitely the winner Dianna! A lone horse at peace with the world in an idyllic setting. Just lovely.

  15. They are all great, but I like “Horses and Grass”… I like how it combines water and grass with the horses…..a natural combination for the horse.

  16. Wonderful images! The second one is mesmerizing.

    Mersad Donko Photography

  17. Well…I too love “Horse and Surf”. I love the fact that he/she is relaxed enough to be lying down on the beach with you close by. It’s what the surf and sea do to me too…relax.

  18. Horse and Surf ~ Congratulations on last year’s inclusion and I would bet that one of these three will make it into 2016. Maybe all 3! I like gray and overcast and even stormy days at the beach and that weather should be represented in a photo collection, but … All are wonderful!!

  19. They are all incredible…oh dang…If I really have to choose just one I am going to choose the early morning surf one! Your pictures are so lovely!!!!

  20. I love them all but my favorite has to be Horse and Surf!!!! Love that it is relaxing and of course I am always drawn to pictures of the water and I can almost hear the sounds!!!! I HAVE to come see these for myself! HAVE to!!!!!!!

  21. All three would be great contenders, but my choice would be Horse & Surf… there’s just something about it !

  22. Definitely beautiful, but I think the first one is stunning! Good luch…

  23. They are all amazing!! I am going to vote for “2 Stallions”

  24. So great to see the finished calendar with that spectacular photo of yours in it! (Of course, it looks way more marvelous on my family room mantle!) I’m happy to see you’re entering the contest again and I just know one of those will wind up in the next calendar…now…hmmmm…which one? My absolute favorite is the first photo, but I think the judges will choose 2 Stallions. Good luck, my friend!!

  25. Great shots. My choice is the first one.

  26. I think all are calendar worthy but I’m going to vote for 2 Stallions

  27. Horse and Surf is my favorite (hard to choose – they’re all so good). The power in the waves behind the horse and the horse at rest are such a good contrast. Thanks for sharing the pics with us. You’re bound to win a slot – last year was NOT beginner’s luck. Your photography is wonderful.

  28. Horse and Surf chillin at the beachX2. maybe a little something from SONIC?

  29. I think they are all great but the 2 stallions is my favorite

  30. Shirley Paterson

    I am a friend of June’s – I love them all but the horse and surf #1 and the two stallions #2. Good luck. We have been enjoying your pictures each and every one!

  31. Hi Dianne
    My choice is “Horse and Surf.” I love that one.
    But they are all beautiful !


  32. I’d choose Horse and Surf, but all of them are lovely. Good luck to you!

  33. I like them all, but I think that my favorite is the 3rd one–Horses in Grass. I like the composition (it was taken fairly close-up, the green grass contrasts nicely with the browns on the animals’ coats, etc.)

  34. Hard to pick but # 2 is my favorite followed by #1 and then #3. How exciting to have had a photo chosen last year. Good luck for this year.

  35. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Dianna, fantastic pictures! It is very hard to chose just one but I have to go with “Horses in Grass”. I did not think the pictures could be any better than the one you submitted last year but you did, girl!!
    Good luck!

  36. I have to pick “Horse & Surf” as my favorite because it’s the water and the horse and the “ahh” of the early morning. All beautiful. I hope I win 🙂

    Can I have a pony??? 🙂

  37. Late vote – but Horse and Surf:) All three are great and I love the contrast in the colors of the 3 pics! In my humble opinion ALL 3 should be selected!!

  38. I love your horse photos–I get to see them when your sister posts them on our knitting site. My vote would be very different than the others – I love the two “surfer” horses. I love the serenity! Good luck!

  39. I love your beautiful pictures that your sister shares with us in the knitting website. Thanks for making our days happier with your fine photography! I think 2 horses with the surf will make it into the calendar although I would pick all three of them.

  40. Very hard to decide as I love all three of them, though I’m voting for number 1! Love your pictures of the swans, gypsy and sundae and hearing your stories through your sister and now on your blog!

  41. I love them ALL, but Horse and Surf is my pick!

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