Cape May

Motor Man had very brief business not far from Cape May, New Jersey this past weekend. And, can you believe it? There just happened to be a Sea Glass Festival taking place at the Cape May Convention Center.

So, early Sunday morning, we were on the Lewes (Delaware)/Cape May ferry. It was an unbelievably beautiful morning for a ferry ride.

sky and water 9-28-2014 9-01-47 AM

We sailed by the Harbor Refuge Lighthouse, built in 1901, just off Cape Henlopen.

lighthouse 9-28-2014 9-05-57 AM

Once we arrived at the convention center, we stood in line and waited our turn to enter. I didn’t center this picture very well: the entrance is beside that window to the far right. We didn’t mind the wait, though. The weather was perfect, and we chatted (about sea glass) with a couple waiting in front of us.

line  9-28-2014 10-52-54 AM

There was a huge crowd of sea glass fans, making it difficult to move around to visit the booths. My main goal was to have my Pure Sea Glass book signed by the author, Richard LaMotte. And I did.

db and richard m 9-28-2014 12-03-20 PM

We chatted briefly about him having once lived in Portsmouth, which is about a half hour from our hometown. (But I forgot to tell him about the cookie jar!)

I bought a couple of Christmas presents for friends (shhhhh), and then Motor Man and I left the Convention Center to explore the beautiful town of Cape May.

I’ll share more about our trip in tomorrow’s post.

~These Days Of Mine~

18 responses to “Cape May

  1. What a glorious morning you had for the ferry boat ride AND once you arrived (other than waiting in that line!) you had a SUPER time at the festival. It’s wonderful that you got the author of your book to sign it for you……..and got some shopping done too!


  2. I am going to have to go look that book up! It looks like one I may need to add to my collection….can’t wait to read more!

  3. Now that’s an early morning ride worth getting up for! Just BEAUTIFUL!! Doesn’t God paint just the most wonderful scenes? And don’t you feel like it was just to make your day?

  4. Dianna, I hope you got to visit Lewes? One of my best friends lives there and it is such a wonderful little town.

  5. Who could ever deny the beauty of a September morn? What a beautiful day for a trip – and to something you’re so passionate about 🙂 MJ

  6. It was a beautiful weekend for festivals and you managed to get to two of them! I know your Sea Glass book is gorgeous!

  7. Sounds like an enjoyable thing to do Dianna.. looking for and collecting sea glass. It is so pretty. You had another beautiful day, those clouds are spectacular. Cool to get your book signed too.. 🙂

  8. Isn’t Cape May wonderful? Hubby’s family used to go to that area of the shore in the summer. I really love the ferry ride there. How perfect for you that there was a sea glass show. And super neat that you got the author to sign your book!

  9. You traveled in my old back yard! We use to follow the ferry across to Cape May with out boat and spend the weekend there. We lived near Lewes, DE at the time. We also had a near death experience there which seriously caused us to look else where to live and boat. Smithfield, VA! Can’t wait to hear about your sea glass finds!

  10. I love the Cape May ferry, Neat trip.

  11. That first pic is awesome! such a great sweep of light to dark blue above those thin clouds!
    Looks like a good trip … glad you were able to have your book signed!

  12. How exciting Dianna – a sea glass event! I can’t wait to hear/see more.

  13. Oh I love sea glass! What a pawesome event!

  14. A Sea Glass festival!!! Wow!!!!
    I gotta see if there is one on the west coast (maybe when I retiree…)

  15. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Chuck and I love Cape May and the ferry! Boy, you and JR were there at the perfect time!!

  16. So that’s where Cape Henlopen is! Nice to get your book signed. You did have a beautiful day to explore.

  17. Looks like a wonderful event! I’d love to visit Cape May sometime. It’s on the list!!

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