Equal Time: Early Evening

Since Early Morning had its time in the spotlight last week, I thought it only fair that Early Evening be featured this week.

Late Saturday afternoon, as Motor Man and I were returning home after a ride in the country, the sun was setting over the soybean and cotton fields.

cotton field at sunset 10-18-2014 6-00-23 PM

A little closer to town, this little red boat house and the surrounding marsh grass were especially pretty during evening’s golden hour. (Thank you, Motor Man, for spotting this and for making the u-turn to allow me to get the picture.)

red boat house at sunset 10-18-2014 6-05-54 PM

And one more shot as we crossed a bridge before arriving back at our shop.

sunset 10-18-2014 6-11-15 PM

This is such a beautiful time of year, and we still have fall foliage yet to enjoy.

~These Days Of Mine~

14 responses to “Equal Time: Early Evening

  1. You always capture the beauty around and, in this case, over us, no matter the season!

  2. Beautiful – Fall brings us such lovely pics. Thanks for capturing them for us.

  3. Those are beautiful pictures. Thank you for sharing your part of the world with us!

  4. I love looking at your pictures! So peaceful! Ellie

  5. I especially love the picture with the little red boathouse!

  6. Great pix…..bravo to MM for seeing that little red boat house!!


  7. That boat house picture would make a great painting! I’m just saying… The fall colors of gold and red is happening here in PA. Come and see them!

  8. Lovely! Your Motor Man sounds just as gracious as my hubby who is also so willing to make a turn around so we can go back to get a picture. We’re blessed, Dianna!

  9. The early morning and early evening give opportunities for photos like none other… and you know it !

  10. Beautiful shots – as always – and I love the little red boathouse in the distance. 🙂

  11. Little red boat house would make a gorgeous framed picture.

  12. Beautiful and inspirational! Very nice!

  13. So sweet that you guys go out driving and looking for great photo shots together! I love that you give MM credit for stopping or turning around. Says a lot about your relationship that you do so much together and so well! ~ Sheila

  14. Evening comes so early now. 😦 You did catch some great shots of it showing off. Love the little red boathouse. Hubby arrived home last evening and declared he needs a smart phone with a good camera, he described the clouds he saw during his travels and wished he could have shared them! I think he’s hooked.

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