The Wedding

Saturday morning, Motor Man and I got all “gussied up”…

jrdb2 10-25-2014 9-31-07 AM

…and drove four hours southwest to central North Carolina to attend a wedding.

The day couldn’t have been more beautiful. When that happens, I’m always reminded of the old saying, which I’ve shared here before: “Happy is the bride the sun shines on.”.

White bows decorating the exterior of the church say: “there’s a wedding here today!”.

church and bow 10-25-2014 3-13-27 PM

Guests were greeted by this charming scene at the entrance.

bench and pillow 10-25-2014 3-14-17 PM

We were among the first guests to arrive, but those pews quickly filled to capacity.

inside church 10-25-2014 3-18-57 PM

It was a lovely ceremony, and the newlyweds were showered with bubbles as they emerged from the church.

couple and bubbles 10-25-2014 4-37-36 PM

The wedding was followed by a wonderful dinner and reception. Motor Man and I took advantage of the photo booth, but, as you can see, we don’t get too adventurous with the accessories.

keens 10-26-2014 7-42-22 AM

We were honored to be included among the guests and wish Brittany and Justin a long, happy life together.

~These Days Of Mine~

16 responses to “The Wedding

  1. Looks like it was a perfect day for a wedding…..everything looks just gorgeous including you two!


  2. You and JR almost outshine the happy bride and groom in your wedding finery! It was a beautiful day for a beautiful wedding. I love your choices of accessories for the photo shoot!

  3. You two look great! Blue is definitely your color, Dianna!

  4. I agree with EVERYONE – Beautiful day, beautiful bride and groom, and you and Motorman look awesome together.

  5. Aw, you two look so nice and perfect together! What’s better than attending a wedding? Best wishes to the bride and groom.

  6. This is a great photograph of you and your husband! I like how you look in the beautiful azure colored dress. Have you been losing weight? I lost weight in my 40’s and was always pleased if someone noticed… hope this is not too nosy of a question… Have an awesome time at the wedding.

  7. Dianna, you look FABULOUS!! Gorgeous dress, my dear. No wonder Motor Man is smiling….

  8. What a bootiful wedding and day. Lots of lovely memories captured there!


  9. Looks like a great day for all ! Never seen a moustachioed Motor Man !

  10. Moustache looks good on Motor Man. You look ravishing!

  11. Wow–it looks like that dress was custom-made for you! Beautiful! Nice painting over the mantle. It was a lovely day for a wedding.

  12. How beautiful you looked together – blue is your color Dianna! And the bride and groom were captivating as well 🙂 Loved the Love in the air in this post ~ MJ

  13. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    What a lovely wedding and looked like everyone was in the spirit of love. You and JR were certainly the picture of love. ❤

  14. What a perfect setting for a wedding! Your dress is beautiful.

  15. You and Motorman look wonderful! What a grand day it must have been. 🙂

  16. What a beautiful day/wedding/and especially you two 🙂

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