Kitty’s Cute Game

Those of you who have are owned by a cat are familiar with this little game.

Kitty is lying in her spot-of-the-week, being cute enough as it is.

sundae1a 11-7-2014 8-17-11 AM

You reach for the (hopefully nearby) camera and  begin to document the cuteness.

sundae1 11-7-2014 8-17-17 AM

All the while, you’re talking to her in that high-pitched voice reserved for babies and pets. Between “that” voice and the camera aimed at her, Kitty soon reaches full cuteness potential.

sundae2 11-7-2014 8-17-20 AM

Suddenly, something catches her eye…

sundae3 11-7-2014 8-17-22 AM

…game over.

~These Days Of Mine~

18 responses to “Kitty’s Cute Game

  1. Those are adorable. Such brilliant pigtures that really capture the cuteness!


  2. YES…….they know they’ve got us where they want us – but if you’re not quick enough it’s over before the capture has been made!! Part of the joy of having a cat……………..constant surprises.


  3. She’s simply adorable!!! Great shots.

  4. Cuteness like that cannot be contained in mere photos 🙂 MJ

  5. She sure looks comfy. 🙂 Great pictures!

  6. She sure looks warm and cuddly on this nippy morning.

  7. Yep—game over for sure. Been there. Many times!!! Love the pics!

  8. Sundae sure knows how to pose for the camera. She’s so cute. And now Gypsy-girl needs her blog time! LOL!!

  9. Oh so Cute! You almost – almost make me want to get another one. Haven’t had one in years. I think I’ll just enjoy your pic posts!

  10. Ha Ha! Darling pictures of her this morning.. smiling! She looks like she was doing kittie yoga.

  11. Nellie usually STPS when the camera (or phone) are in the human’s hands!!!

  12. That’s exactly how it goes… Sometimes I think they know what the camera is, and what to do when it’s brought out !

  13. And what a fun game it is until she decides something is way more interesting!

  14. These are great pictures–I want to scratch her under her chin so bad!!! She was posing delightfully wasn’t she? and it did look like yoga time.

  15. Poor kitty just needed a good stretch–still cute. 🙂

  16. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Sundae is one of a kind kitty!

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