Random Five Friday

Time for a little randomness.  Our past few days can be described in three words: sore, sick and snowy.

1.) Wednesday morning, I had a little mishap and fell flat on my back in a local business. Motor Man was a couple of steps behind me, and managed to keep my head from hitting the floor. It’s amazing how many thoughts can go through your mind in the 2.5 seconds it takes to fall: “This is going to hurt, but how badly?” “Am I going to break any bones?” “How many people are seeing me fall?” “Exactly how LONG is it going to take me to hit the floor?”  Thankfully, a little soreness has been my only reminder.

2.)  Later that day, Motor Man began feeling poorly (or “po’ly” as the old folks used to say). He was fighting a tummy bug, but apparently, it was the 24-hour variety, so he’s feeling better.  Nurse Sundae says she’s been operating an infirmary around here.

3.) As mentioned yesterday, we had another winter storm, this one bringing even more snow than the last. With utmost respect to folks in Boston, we are now officially “over” winter.

 driveway 2-26-2015 8-35-13 AM

4.) We don’t see “our” ducks as often in the winter. I think they dislike snow, but they were here yesterday morning, waiting for their breakfast of corn.

winter morning 2-26-2015 7-24-42 AM

5.) I’m longing for sunshine, warmer days and a trip to see my horses.

two 10-4-2014 1-32-06 PM

What words describe your week?

This is my second Friday to link up with Tanya’s “Willy Nilly Friday Five”. Thanks, Adrienne, for letting me know about this meme!

willy nilly-001

~These Days Of Mine~

26 responses to “Random Five Friday

  1. Deborah the Closet Monster

    “Sleepless” best describes this week, but I have high hopes for next!

  2. So sorry about your fall! Hope you (and hubby) are 100% soon!

  3. Glad you and MM are feeling better. Of course, this miserable 2 weeks of snow, snow and more snow doesn’t help one bit! I’m with you….I’m so over winter AND snow if I never see any more snow, I’ll be thankful!

  4. Glad that fall only meant soreness and not something more serious and hopefully JR’s 24-bug is on its’ way out the door as we speak. Enjoy your beautiful snowy vistas – let’s hope Spring arrives SOON though!


  5. it is amazing how sore you can be after a fall — I’m glad you didn’t break anything, Dianna, and sorry to hear MM was sick. Good thing for Nurse Sundae!

    One word for my week? Intense! Meetings with new execs but me & my team were ready and prepared and we rocked it out – whoop!


  6. Oh goodness, glad you are okay. All of you take care at TDoM.

  7. I know just what you mean about the suspension of time as you plummet to the floor. Amazing how many thoughts can run through your mind. Thank Goodness Motor Man was there to catch you. I feel guilty complaining about the snow when I compare what we got here in VA to what New England has, but I am so OVER IT.

  8. Very, very sick!

  9. Oh no. Sorry for your fall and glad JR is feeling better. Now to get out your driveway and onto the highway. I know you like to go!

  10. So sorry to hear about your fall and some of the other news, hope all becomes ‘better’ as the days go by. Hectic week but relaxing since I crammed 40 hours into 4 days at work and well worth the 3 day weekend! Hope you have a weekend like the horses, by a body of water and seeing all directions… and enjoying a pleasant surprise along the way.

  11. Man, those shots look COLD! Tom The Backroads Traveller

  12. Snowy, Snowy, and Snowy! That about wraps it up here! Our daffodils are peaking through the snow = HOPE that Spring is close behind! Hope you and Motor Man are 100% again!

  13. Sorry about your fall! Hope you are both feeling better. What words describe our week… snowy, cold, busy, fun lunches.

  14. Yes- glad you are both on the mend !
    & … with all due respect to the folks up north, I am very much over winter …
    But.. great pics !

  15. our spring is about a month late, too.

  16. Oh Wow! We are glad that your fall was not as bad as it could has been. Great random 5!

  17. I am glad you are both on the mend! Hang in there, you know spring will come, it’s just a matter of hanging on for a bit longer! 🙂

  18. I hope you & MM are healing and staying warm. I’m like you, with the last snowfall, I’m so ready for not-winter weather. Your horse photos are a delight. They bring a sunshine smile to my day. Thank you. 🙂

  19. I’m glad your fall left nothing but a bit of soreness and I hope MM is no longer feeling “poly.” Bill fell too – shoveling the driveway – but with no lasting effects. We are all sick of winter here for sure. Described in 3 words? Tired. Snowbound. Bored. May it all be over soon. 😦

  20. I’m glad you didn’t break anything!! Hope you both can enjoy your weekend.

  21. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    So glad you and JR are OK! I don’t know of anyone who is not ready for Spring!

  22. Glad to hear that you are both OK.

  23. So glad you didn’t hit your head or break a bone. I also think everyone’s first thought is “I hope no one sees this.” We have not had much snow, but have had enough bitter cold temps till I have been over winter for a while now.

    Glad the tummy bug did not last long for Motor Man.

  24. I hope you both feel better soon, such wonderful photography… I wish I could take pictures like that!

  25. Oh my goodness, I’m so glad you didn’t get seriously hurt! At this point with all the bitter cold weather we’ve been having and snow still on the ground, even I (winter lover that I am) am SO ready for spring this year!

  26. I missed this post! I’m glad you only had soreness to deal with after that fall. Yay for MM to save your punkin. 😉 Glad you’re both feeling better. That nurse Sundae must be something else!

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