Busy Weekend, Part I

Some weekends are just more action-packed than others. And this past weekend was definitely one of those for us.

Thursday morning, Motor Man, my friend, Donna, and I went to the Outer Banks. We did a little shopping, had lunch, more shopping, had dinner and stayed the night.

Early Friday morning, we were up and on our way to Corolla in search of wild horses.  But first, we stopped to catch the sunrise, and Donna took this photo.  (Sorry for the rerun, Facebook friends.)  When she looked at the preview on her camera, she was so excited.  And I think it’s special, too.

db sunrise

We think we saw 60 horses, give or take a couple… or five.  We were too excited taking pictures to keep an accurate count.  These three were walking down one of the “back roads”.  We thought the one in the middle was especially beautiful.*

three 7-10-2015 9-27-21 AM

We could tell by the horses’ body language that things were a bit tense.

three2 7-10-2015 9-27-45 AM

We soon realized that these were two stallions, and we had our cameras ready for a serious “discussion”.

three4 7-10-2015 9-28-10 AM

But, discussion was apparently all there was to be this particular time, and the guys walked away rather peacefully.

discussion 7-10-2015 9-29-41 AM

It’s always a treat to see horses on the beach near the ocean, preferably walking IN the water,  and these five obliged us.

6 horses 7-10-2015 10-25-09 AM

It was a perfect day on the beach: comfortable temps, a nice breeze, sunshine, wild horses. During one of our stops, Motor Man shared a joke with Donna by the seaside.

donna and mm 7-10-2015 9-45-33 AM

Thanks, Motor Man for putting up with all our girly silliness, giggles, shopping, etc.

jrdb kiss 7-10-2015 9-43-32 AM

On Wednesday,  I’ll share part two of our busy weekend.

* As always, we were always more than the required 50 feet distance from the horses.  My photos were taken with a zoom lens, and most of them have been cropped to bring the images in closer than the distance they actually were.

~These Days Of Mine~

14 responses to “Busy Weekend, Part I

  1. Looks like you had lots of fun!

    Mersad Donko Photography

  2. Beautiful shots as always……you really lucked out with all those horses and I too love seeing them “dipping their toes” in the water………..


  3. loved that toffee colored horse with the golden mane — in Hollywood that’s a Roy Rogers horse! 🙂 and that photo your friend took is just perfect of you!! MJ

  4. What a special thing you guys have there being able to see those lovely horses. The pictures are beautiful and I know that you have a great respect for these animals in every way. Thank you for sharing your day!

  5. A delightfully wonderful weekend of smiles and enchanting horses.
    Your photos are amazing and Donna’s photos of you & MM are sweet. 🙂

  6. Special photos today. Thank you!

  7. A perfect day – friends, horses, photos, and a wonderfully accommodating husband. WOW!!!

  8. You find such amazing wild horses to photograph. And, how nice to share it with hubby and a friend.

  9. Another set of winning snaps of those gorgeous wild horses in their natural habitat. I love the last one of them in the water!

  10. Great times had by all!
    Beautiful pics ! – and “bravo!” to Donna for seeing that photo op and not letting it slip by !

  11. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    I second Marshall with every word and add priceless!

  12. It was a gorgeous weekend at the Outer Banks with my wonderful guides.We saw so many beautiful ,glossy coated horses on the beach. We got up at sunrise and was HAPPY to get Dianna, sea oats and the sun rise- perfect of her. We saw lumber being delivered on the beach, horseshoe crabs, but none of it as good as the laughter filling the vehicle traveling down the beach with generous friends in search of nature’s treasures! Thanks Dianna and Motor Man for a most wondrous weekend!!

  13. Donna got a great shot of you and the sun. Motor Man is a peach!

  14. Beautiful photos – so glad you take the time to not only take the pictures – but share on FB as well!!

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