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Windowpane Wednesday: Sundae’s View

In a few days, Sundae will celebrate the 11th anniversary of her “gotcha day” with us. So there will probably be a blog post to commemorate the occasion.

Sundae has always been….shall we say: vocal.  And she rarely uses her ‘inside voice’.

Getting a good night’s sleep was nearly impossible.  In the wee hours of the morning, she would begin singing the song of her people. Some nights, she thought she wanted to lie on my chest. But, she’s never been one to make a snap decision, so she would STAND there and STAND there and STAND there, contemplating the possibilities.  Just imagine an 8 pound cat STANDING on your chest at 2 a.m. until she decides to:  a) lie down for a few minutes, or b) launch off the bed and romp back down the hall.

Motor Man, wisely, had the idea about a year or so ago that we should designate our guest room, at the other end of the hall, as HER room.

Just as it is when you’re trying to get a toddler to go to sleep on their own, the first week or so was rough. She cried and cried. But then she became accustomed to going ‘night-night’ in her room. A couple of times, she’s even gone in there willingly, as opposed to me carrying her.

She has a window seat in her room where she can look out on the world. Whenever the wind’s blowing or a critter is stirring outside her window, the light from the security camera lights up the area.

Every morning, she is delighted to hear me walking down the hall and is screaming good-morning to me before I reach her room.

Today we’re sharing yesterday’s sunrise, as taken from ‘her’ window.

And although she seems content enough with her room with a view, she’s always more than ready to have free run of the house again when morning comes.

~These Days Of Mine~