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Well, Hello, My Friend


Well, hello, Mr. Rabbit. Glad to share the shade of my hydrangea with you!

Well, hello, Mrs. Squirrel. I realize you need nesting material, but please don’t completely destroy my flower box lining!

Well, hello, baby bunnies. I’m so sorry to have uncovered your nest! I’ll just cover it back up as best I can.

Well, hello, Bambi. Please don’t decide to jump through my window!

Well, hello, Mr. and Mrs. Goose. What a lovely family you have!

Well, hello, Mr. Eagle, Sir. How majestic you look! Feel free to fly by anytime.

(These pictures of our “friends” were all taken in and around our yard. They share the place with us.)

Motor Man

There are several blogs that I enjoy reading on a regular basis. All of them are written by women, and I think each author has given her husband a nickname.

Meet my husband, JR:

Yes, JR is a nickname (he’s a junior).  But it isn’t my BLOG nickname for him.  That would be “Motor Man”.  Because he builds race engines.

JR was Motor Man long before any of us ever thought about a blog. That was his handle in CB days. Anyone else remember CB radios?

Oh, and my handle was “sunshine”- just in case you were wondering.

10-4,  good buddy.

This House Has My Heart

This is Bacon’s Castle, located in Surry County, Virginia. It is the oldest documented brick house in Virginia (built in 1665), and possibly the oldest English-built brick house in the country. You can read all about it here:


Aside from the historical facts about this house, aside from knowing that it has survived for nearly 350 years, aside from its beauty, here’s why it’s special to me:

  • My mother was raised in this house, along with her 11 siblings.
  • My son has been an interpreter here for over 10 years.
  • My husband and I were married in this house (ground floor room on the left).

Something special will be happening at Bacon’s Castle in late October. Stay tuned!