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Random Five Friday Returns

For the final Friday in January, I thought five random thoughts might be appropriate:

1.) Last week, we took Gypsy for her annual check-up.  She is just the best behaved kitty at the vet’s office. She doesn’t cry (or howl), squirm or fight with us or the staff. Once, when the vet briefly left the examining room, she seemed to be looking for a place to hide. So I took her in my arms, and she buried her head in the crook of my arm. That little piglet rascal weighs 10 1/2 pounds!


2.) Yesterday, lunch and a catch-up visit with a dear friend.  Afterward, we went for a ride in the country and spotted this little cutie. Yes, it really is as short and “broad” as it looks in this photo.

mini pony 1-28-2016 2-46-45 PM

3.) Recently I purchased my very first MP3 player, so I could enjoy some favorite tunes while on my daily walks. I was proud that I seemingly successfully transferred the songs from my computer to the player, but then I was lost. I couldn’t see anything but a dim light behind the picture of an orange flower on the screen. So I texted my I.T. guy (Marshall) and asked if he’d have a look. He immediately removed the orange flower DECAL from the screen, and there was a simple menu that even I could navigate. And, although he would never do this, I quickly reminded him:

taught you how to use a spoon

4.) Speaking of my favorite songs, I’ve shared before that I much prefer oldies: the fifties, sixties and maybe the first couple of years in the 1970’s.  To compile my list for the MP3 player, I Googled “Top hits from….” and searched various years.  THAT will take you back. And I guarantee you’ll find songs that you had long ago forgotten.

5.) There’s nothing quite like seeing an old family photo for the first time.  Motor Man’s mom discovered this one, tucked away in a desk drawer, last week and shared it with us.  It’s obvious by Motor Man’s coat that it was taken in the winter. I’m guessing he was only a year or two old, so this was most likely taken while his dad was overseas during World War II.

 jr and mom-001

 Care to share a little January randomness?

~These Days Of Mine~