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Halloween Haunts, Once Again

It’s a Halloween tradition here on These Days to share the link to a PBS video in which my son, Marshall, played a part several years ago.

If you’re a long time reader, you aren’t required to read further nor re-watch the video. You may be excused. For those of you new to the blog within the past year, this excerpt from a previous post will give you a little background information:

The video I’m sharing today was one segment in the series, Halloween Haunts, produced by WHRO, our local PBS station, in 2007. The series aired during the last two weeks of October.

Most of you are familiar by now with my family’s connections to historic Bacon’s Castle. My maternal grandparents and their twelve children (including my mom) lived in the house from 1921 to 1940. Although they moved from there many years before I was born, I remember them sharing stories of seeing “The Castle Light”. Their descriptions of it, however, were quite different from its depiction in Halloween Haunts.

My son, Marshall, became an interpreter (guide) at Bacon’s Castle in 2000. He was employed there several years, and gained a wealth of knowledge about the history of the house, its architecture and the families who made it their home. My mom and most of her siblings had passed on by this time. But two of those who remained (then in their 80’s) re-visited the Castle, and shared first-hand with him their childhood memories of the house and property.

I believe they would think it fitting that Marshall had the opportunity to participate in this video filmed at their homeplace.

And for all of you, thanks for your patience as this proud Mom boasts on her son…once again.

~These Days Of Mine~