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It’s A Halloween Tradition

Being the proud Mom that I am, each year, on Halloween, I share a video. Not just any video, but the one that was filmed at Bacon’s Castle, and features my son, Marshall, who was an interpreter there at the time.

Here’s a little background for those of you new to the blog:

In 2007, just in time for Halloween, our local PBS station, WHRO, planned a series of video vignettes about supposedly haunted places in the Hampton Roads, Virginia area. 

The folks from WHRO visited Bacon’s Castle and decided that a video about the “Castle Light” would be part of the series.  The video would be just a few minutes in length, and would air with other videos in one of two thirty-minute shows.

WHRO staff members visited the Castle a few weeks in advance and, while there, met Marshall. They asked him on the spot if he’d play the “male lead”, and he agreed.

Of all the stories, pictures and events involving my family and Bacon’s Castle, the two most special to me, by far, are my wedding to Motor Man that took place there in 2002, and Marshall appearing in this video.

~These Days Of Mine~



Halloweens Present and Past

We don’t usually do much in the way of celebrating Halloween at our house.  There aren’t any parties to attend, we don’t have little ones to take trick-or-treating. We don’t even give out candy on Halloween. Guess we’re Halloween scrooges.

Motor Man and I did participate in a “Trunk or Treat” for classic cars/street rods yesterday at our local Sonic’s. He threatened to cover the word “good” on my shirt with black electrical tape.

Saturday, my friend, Donna, and I attended the Trick or Treat Farmers Market. We wore our witch hats (again) and handed out candy to the trick-or-treaters. Our little yellow car (Vicky) was in a dress rehearsal for Sunday’s event, so it was a good photo op.

The remainder of today’s post is a repeat from 2010, when I shared photos of some of Marshall’s Halloween costumes through the years.

This first photo is from the year he was 4. He was Tom the Cat, and I made his costume. Too bad we took this picture before we applied his (black eyeliner) whiskers and nose. His friend was Jerry, the Mouse, and they won best costume(s) at our local McDonald’s that year.  Marshall was very upset because one of the boys there kept stepping on his tail. I guess that would be a cause for concern. The costume was made of gray sweatshirt-type fabric. And as I recall, the weather was VERY warm that evening.

This next one was the year Marshall was a scarecrow. I’m thinking he was 5 years old, but I’m not sure.

The Halloween that Marshall was eight, he was a pirate. Don’t those tube socks and hi-top Converse All Stars tennis shoes just complete the whole pirate ensemble? There’s the black eyeliner again – this time it’s the mustache and beard stubble. Yep, I made this costume too.

One year, he had to dress in character for a book report at school. Luckily (for me, anyway), this was just before Halloween, so his costume that year did double duty.  He was Davy Crockett.  Once again, I made his costume, and let me tell ya, that coon skin cap was quite the challenge. Too bad it doesn’t show up in the photo.

Creating his costume each year was a combined effort: I did the sewing, and Marshall was the technical adviser. I only wish we had pictures of every costume.

Guess I wasn’t a Halloween scrooge in those days.


~These Days Of Mine~

…Bring Me Flowers

Several months ago, Motor Man was searching on the internet for a replacement faucet for an outdoor water spigot. He came across this photo (most likely from Pinterest):

He knew I would like it, so he sent the picture to me. And thus began the search for an old watering can, vintage faucet handles and various and sundry quirky little gadgets for the tops. In our case, that was wing nuts, drawer pulls and a used spark plug from a race engine.

So I can never sing: “You don’t bring me flowers” to my Motor Man.

~These Days Of Mine~

Adventures In Cape Charles, Part II

Today’s post is continued from Monday and is jam-packed with fun times from our trip to Cape Charles.

Following our dinner Friday evening, and while taking photos at the marina, we noticed a sundog.  We would see several between that time and sunset. This looks a little like a fish, don’t you agree?  Very appropriate.

There was a pier leading to a gazebo at the beach near our hotel. We decided it would be the perfect place to watch the sunset. And our personal photographer, Donna, was once again hard at work.  Although that appears to be the sunset behind us, it’s actually more sundogs. The sun was setting further to the left.

And a beautiful sunset it was, well worth braving the cool temps and brisk winds. The sky was amazing.

Once we got back to the hotel (and thawed out), Donna and I had a mini-pajama party. We brought our witch hats along on the trip, hoping to find a fall/Halloween display that would be a nice backdrop for a picture. The pajama party turned out to be our only option.

And, then, as so often happens, a cute boy crashed our pajama party!  So I kissed him.

Saturday morning, the three of us had breakfast in the hotel’s beautiful dining room.  Donna opened the first and smallest of her birthday gift bags. She loves scented soaps in decorative packaging, so one was a tiny Halloween themed soap. The other is Bourbon-Pumpkin scented body lotion.  (Did you notice the tear in her eye?)

The weather was cool and somewhat rainy, so Motor Man drove us to a nearby antique mall for a little shopping.

After lunch, we explored more of the Eastern Shore. During Motor Man’s late teens/early twenties, he did quite a bit of fishing in the Chesapeake Bay in that area . He recalls the Cobb Island Coast Guard Station located on a nearby island, and had heard that it had since been moved inland. With directions from locals, we found its new location. It’s been renovated and is for sale, but sadly, a long lane with a gate at the highway prevented us from seeing it. It’s now near the tiny fishing village of Oyster, Va.

Motor Man and I really enjoyed the trip, and I’m thinking that Donna just may have, too. It was fun celebrating her birthday with her. Wishing you many, many more, my friend.

~These Days Of Mine~




Adventures In Cape Charles, Part I

As mentioned in Friday’s post, my friend, Donna, celebrated her birthday on Saturday.

So Motor Man and I invited her to join us for an overnight trip to Cape Charles on the Eastern Shore of Virginia.  We left early Friday morning and returned home Saturday evening.

Our Friday was spent browsing the quaint shops in downtown Cape Charles.  The shopkeepers were so friendly, and that, of course, made our experience even nicer. Motor Man waited in the vehicle, read a book he purchased on the history of Cape Charles and chatted with passers-by. The weather was perfect.

Donna and I especially liked the consignment shop, Periwinkles, and we both found something to buy there.  At the international shop, Voijer, I found several giraffe items to add to my growing collection. Moonrise Jewelry had beautiful items (including a ring I couldn’t resist).  We both purchased Christmas gifts at another shop. And we loved walking around in a one-hundred-year old hardware store, which brought back memories to Donna of her father’s business.

Lunch was at Kelly’s Pub, one of our favorite restaurants in Cape Charles. Then we spent the first part of the afternoon finishing up our shopping. Afterward, Motor Man took us riding around town and listened to us “oohing and aah-ing” over the beautiful old homes, some restored and some in the process of restoration.

There are huge stately homes alongside quaint beach cottages. Donna and I are still wondering how they still have such beautiful summer flowers this late into fall.

Later, we checked into our rooms at the beautiful Northampton Hotel, an old hotel – newly renovated. We couldn’t wait to explore the “widow’s walk”.

Motor Man is certainly patient with us two “crazies”

Donna was sweet to take so many pictures of my Motor Man and me during our trip. It was like having our own personal photographer. Behind us, the body of  water to the right is the Chesapeake Bay. There are many cargo/container ships anchored in the Bay; one is barely visible just over Motor Man’s left shoulder. To the left is an inlet coming into the harbor in Cape Charles.

Dinner was at The Shanty, a waterside restaurant at the nearby marina. It was a bit too chilly to sit outside, but we had a great view from inside. And we stepped outside after dinner to take pictures.

Docked nearby was this beautiful “teaching vessel” based out of Hawaii.

It was a busy weekend, so I’ve decided to share our adventures in two posts. To be continued on Wednesday…..stay tuned!

~These Days Of Mine~











Random Five Friday

It seems like a nice day for five random thoughts:

1.) The weather is finally beginning to feel like fall.  Although it will soon be a hassle to bundle up every time we step outside, it’s nice to wear a lightweight sweater right now.

2.) Some of summer’s flowers are still in bloom, including this giant zinnia. It’s MUCH taller than me (which isn’t saying much).

3.) My orchid cactus is brightening this little corner of its world our kitchen. It was a tiny cutting when I bought it from a nearby greenhouse/nursery a few years ago. It thrives on very little attention, which seems to be a good working arrangement for both of us.

4.) I apologize for boring those of my Facebook friends who also follow the blog with repeat photos. This one was taken on a recent trip to the Outer Banks.

5.) And, finally, a tip of the hat (her hat, by the way) to wish my dear friend, Donna, a very Happy Birthday tomorrow.  More about that in a post next week.

Have a great weekend!

~These Days Of Mine~



Winner, Winner

Racing has been part of Motor Man’s life since he was a young boy, “souping up” go-kart engines. By the time he was in his late teens, he had begun building race engines for stock cars, drag cars and hydroplanes (race boats).

He has no idea how many races his engines have won through the years, and his engine customers have won several local short-track  and hydroplane championships.

Yes, I’m bragging on him…wives can (and should) do that from time to time often.

This past Saturday night, Danny, one of our customers, won the 2018 track championship at Langley Speedway, our local short track. For those of you familiar with stock car racing, Danny races in the Late Model Division. This is Danny’s sixth championship, three of those with Motor Man’s engines. Only one driver (now retired) has won more at seven.

Danny and me with “our” Motor Man

There are lots of great folks involved in Danny’s racing. It’s a great team, and Motor Man and I are proud to be a part of it.

Congratulations to Danny and his team…including my Motor Man. Now, onto the 2019 season!

~These Days Of Mine~