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Friday’s Fences – Roadside Peacock

Monday, as Motor Man and I were returning from Scottsville, he suddenly said: “Did you see that?”.  Of course, not having seen anything extraordinary, I asked  what he meant. And Motor Man replied: “That peacock, sitting up on that fence, looking at us.”.

This, of course, required a u-turn.

And this is what we saw.


We both decided that it wasn’t real, and proceeded on up the road a short distance. It just so happened that, after the u-turn, we spotted the barn that I featured on this week’s Barn Charm.

As we drove back by the peacock, we slowed down to have a better look.

jr peacock

Still thinking that this wasn’t a real peacock, we started driving away.

peacock 2

And then…..he moved.

peacock last

 I didn’t get a picture, but he hopped down off the fence and scurried across the yard.

And I had a Friday’s Fences post.

fridays fences