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Sunrise Saturday

The sunrise from last Saturday, March 24.

At first glimpse.

Clear and calm.

Dawn is breaking.

A sunrise to be shared.

Good morning!

Friday’s Fences – And Horses

What is it about the combination of horses and fences that makes for such interesting photos?

Earlier this week, Motor Man and I were driving home and passed by these beauties. It just happened to be during the evening’s “golden hour”, which always adds an extra touch.

These horses belong to my cousin, Betty. We see them in the pasture whenever we pass by, but they’re not normally this close to the road. (You can’t call this a highway: it’s a little country road with a speed limit of 45.)

Motor Man pulled over, of course, so I could take pictures.

I’m sure if Cousin Betty knew we were at the end of her lane, she would have come out to say hay hey.

But her horses and I had a nice little visit. Then Motor Man and I were on our way.

Bye! Tell Cousin Betty we said hello!

Linking up to Friday’s Fences.

My ABC’s

Recently, Kate over at Believe Anyway, presented me with a new blog award, the ABC (Awesome Blog Content) award.  Thank you, Kate; I’m very honored that you think my blog has awesome content!

 The requirement to accepting the ABC award is to list 26 things about myself, in alphabetical order. Now that’s a challenge! So, settle in, folks, this is a lengthy one…

I am:

A: an amateur photographer. My camera is capable of doing so much more than what I do with it, but I’m happy, and that’s what counts, right?

B:  a blogger. Bet that one surprised you.

C:  a Christian

D:  a Diet Coke addict

E: emotional

F: forgetful. My family and friends laugh, because I put reminders to myself in my cell phone.

G: grounded. If you’ve read my “about” page, you know that my genealogy has been traced, on my maternal grandmother’s side, to Jamestown. I’m proud of my deep roots!

H: hesitant. Motor Man constantly has to push me to venture outside my comfort zone.

I: inquisitive. When someone is telling me something, I want ALL the details.

J: a jeans-wearer. Love my jeans and wear them everywhere I can.

K: a kitty-lover. There have been very few periods in my life that there hasn’t been at least one cat in it.

L: loved

M: Marshall’s mom

N: nearsighted. Thank goodness for mono-vision (a contact in one eye to see distance, and nothing in the other to see up-close).

O: old-fashioned. I love old furniture, old quilts, old baskets, old cars.

P: a pack-rat. But it isn’t to the “hoarding” extent.

Q: a quote collector. I have a notebook of quotes that I save to use in blog posts and in the cards I make.

R: a race fan. It helps when you’re married to a Motor Man.

S: short. Motor Man once told someone that I should sue the town for placing the sidewalks too close to my……derriere.

T: timid. Okay, just a little; not nearly as much as I used to be.

U: unorganized. It goes hand-in-hand with being a pack-rat.

V: a Virginian. (See “G”)

W:  wife to Motor Man.

X: a xanthippe – but only occasionally. (I’ll save you the trouble: it means an ill-tempered woman.)

Y: young at heart

Z: (“zzzz”) a snorer, when I’m sleeping on my back. But Motor Man says they’re cute little snores. (“zzzz“)

Now I am to pass along this award to ten other bloggers. And they are:

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As always, don’t feel obligated to participate, but I DO think you all have Awesome Blog Content.

Thanks again, Kate!

Is That You, Petunia?

Okay, readers. If you’re a gardening pro, know a gardening pro or follow a gardening blog, please pass this along in order to help me determine exactly what this plant is.

Late in the summer of 2008, Motor Man and I were in Cambridge, Maryland for a boat race. We stopped at a little convenience store, which had a few leftover scraggly-looking plants for sale at reduced prices. Being the sucker amateur gardener that I am, I purchased one wimpy plant and probably paid $1, maybe $2, for it. I think my purchase was based solely on my sympathy for this pitiful little plant, which looked like a petunia.

But I was hopeful, and came home and plopped it in the ground. It did well the remainder of the season, and to my surprise, returned the following spring. This picture was taken in September of 2009, when my friend’s daughter was married in our yard. See that pink “petunia” just to the right of the bride?

The next spring, there was the little petunia again. This picture was taken in August of 2010. What’s extra nice about Petunia is that the deer and rabbits pay her no attention.

This was Petunia in April of 2011.

I realized a few weeks ago, that, because of our mild winter this year, Petunia stayed green the entire winter. By looking at these pictures taken last week, it appears that, not only did she stay green, but she grew quite a bit as well.  As you can see, Petunia is now well over five feet in width.

At her highest point, she’s almost 18 inches tall.

I’ve taken pictures to my local garden center and talked with the experts there. Petunia has them stumped. They aren’t familiar with a perennial petunia, which is what this appears to be.

If you find out, please let me know. I’d like about a dozen more, preferably at $1 each.

Barn Charm

My entry for today’s Barn Charm is one that Motor Man and I discovered a few weeks ago on one of our country drives.

We were able to get a little closer.

It doesn’t appear to be in great condition, but it is located on a working farm.

Linking up, as I do every Tuesday, to Barn Charm.

Sundae Says…..I’d Be Perfect!

Hi, it’s Sundae, and I have big news today. After much contemplation, I have made a career choice. I have decided that I should become a model, and I’ve chosen a few photos to start my portfolio.

You know how they always have a fan blowing the model’s hair at a photo shoot?  My white tummy fur looks gently windblown in this picture.

And this is my “come hither” look – still with the windblown effect on my hair fur.

In this next photo, I strike a playful pose. Notice the beauty marks under my chin: one gray and one orange. Most models only have one beauty mark.

My sultry pose.

So, be honest: do you think I have a chance of making it in the big time?

I promise not to forget the folks who knew me “when”.

Sunset Sunday

During the winter months, the sun sets behind our neighbor’s house. I really can’t see it until I walk out on the “point” of our yard.

These pictures were taken last Thursday.  It was a cloudy afternoon, and I wasn’t even expecting to see a sunset, so this was definitely a surprise.

I do believe this qualifies as a “barely there” sunset.

Complete with a Canada Goose….. at no extra charge.