Welcome to my blog. I’m Dianna.

db 10.31.2020

I have always lived in southeast Virginia, where I have very “deep roots”.  My family history on my maternal grandmother’s side has been traced back to Jamestown 1607.

My husband  is a semi-retired high performance (racing) engine builder. We’ve known each other for over 50 years and have been married for 20.

jrdb on dock closeup

Other than watching races, I also enjoy spending time with family and friends, antiquing and gardening.

We’re fortunate to live on the water, so we have front row seats for beautiful sunrises and sunsets. Photos of those will show up quite often here on my blog.

You’ll also see pictures and mentions of my son, Marshall from time to time.

db marshall

And we can’t forget little Sundae-girl. She even takes over writing occasionally on “Sundae Says”.

There’s also the “shop kitty”, Gypsy, who adopted us in 2013. She greets everyone who stops in our shop, but is definitely Motor Man’s kitty.

jr gyp1

Please visit again soon – there’s always something going on! And feel free to leave comments; I would love to hear from you.

44 responses to “About

  1. Diane, your site is wonderful. Love the pictures. Will you be highlighting your cards, too?

  2. Dianna, Thanks for sending me this blog. Your pictures are great.

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog! These pictures are beautiful and relaxing! I love water,too. As you can see on my blog, we live by the water, too….a red muddy pond in Oklahoma, which is drying up because we are in a severe drought! 🙂 I hope we will become “Blog friends”. I will come back soon to see you! Glad to meet you!

  4. Well aren’t you just the nicest lady ever?! I appreciate every single comment you left over at my blog:) Very sweet of you and I wanted to tell you, before I get to exploring too much more, that I love what you named this blog – “These Days of Mine” …perfect!
    ~dianna radermacher

  5. I’m so glad I found your blog via Fresh Pressed. You write as though I am sitting with you at your kitchen table; it’s comfortable and inviting and I don’t want to leave. Delicious photos… cheers! MJ

  6. Sharon Leeman

    Hi Dianna,
    We met at the McDonald’s Garden Market at Peninsula Town Center earlier this week. I really enjoyed your blog. We have more in common than just plants! Hope to see you again some time.

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  8. Congratulations on being Freshly Pressed:) I’ve enjoyed a little tour around your blog – -I’ll be back.

  9. Hi Dianna! It’s nice to “meet” you, thanks to the snail mail blog swap. 🙂 I look forward to reading more about you as I enjoy your blog.

  10. Hi Diana,
    Thank you for stopping by my blog, reading and commenting on my story about “Our Marshmellow”. It is a pleasure to meet you, as well. I look forward to returning and reading your blog entries and seeing Sundae’s creative touches.

  11. Hi Diana! Haven’t been to your blog until now but saw you on Country Man’s Wife’s site — and love your photos! Looking forward to seeing more!

  12. Hello Diana,

    Thank you for visiting my blog, and for your thoughtful and kind comments.

    I’m intrigued by some of the things you shared here. I love Virginia, love the history of that area, and have some other things in common with you too. I enjoy stamping, simple gardening, and obviously, blogging. Fun to find a kindred spirit out there! Oh, and another thing we share, I enjoy reading MJ’s blog also. I look forward to getting acquainted! ~ Sheila

  13. What lovely photos, and it’s nice to find a fellow Virginian. Although, as a displaced Yankee I am not sure I count.

    I found you through Writing Feemail’s blog.

  14. Your blog posts are truly charming Dianna! I’m “following” now. Love the photographs and you are so lucky to live on the water. We are landlocked in a small town north of Roanoke but enjoying mountain views and rolling hills.

  15. I grew up in Virginia too. more the central western part of the state (aka Walton’s Mountain). I have lived in GA for over 25 years now though. I try to get to VA several times a year. My sister (and fellow blogger) lives on VA’s coast too!

  16. HI Diane. I’ve enjoyed visiting your blog (saw your comment on Winsomebella). Just wanted to say what a spectacular sunset picture this is! I saw a comment about your photography so I’ll be dropping back in to see some more.

  17. Hi Dianna,
    I’ve enjoyed exploring your blog and the blogs you’ve awarded. It’s so addicting! Love the barns and fences and Sundae, of course.

  18. HI! I found you through hotrodcowgirl ! So glad I did,,beautiful blog and wonderful sunset images! Love the barns! I’ll be back 🙂

  19. Congratulations on your ABC Award!
    As the originator of this award you may be interested to know that I have now set up a Facebook group for all bloggers who have been given the ABC Award – a place for you to meet new bloggers, and share and support each other. You can join the group here:
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    Happy blogging – and congratulations again on the ABC Award – you’re awesome!

  20. Marshall is a handsome young man. Does he live close by?

  21. Dianna, You probably already know that I appreciate your blog, love the pictures a lot! So, here is a reader appreciation award for you to take, or leave as you desire. 🙂 Nominated for Reader Appreciation Award

  22. Hi Dianna! Thank you for visiting my blog! Yours is really lovely. Sundae-girl is gorgeous! I’ll be hanging around if that’s OK! Bisous Bailey

  23. I just discovered you already have the Liebster Blog Award! Ooops! I awarded it to you again. Shows how much I love your blog. http://countryliving4beginners.wordpress.com/2012/11/11/award-to-pay-back-and-forward/

  24. This is a wonderful blog… you and Hubby make a beautiful pair, and your son looks like a racer… the cat… well they eat birds so they are not my favourites but this one does look cute….

  25. Hi Dianna, thank you so much for stopping by my Blog via Rumpydog. My husband and I lived at a local lake for 25 years and only moved into the city one year ago. I loved your sunset photo, I miss that. Sundae looks like a real sweetheart. We’ve actually been to Virginia (it’s pretty far from our home) and got engaged in Irvington while staying at the beautiful ‘Hope & Glory’ B&B. We also drove the Shenandoah Skyline Drive and thought it was so beautiful there.

  26. How great to find a fellow Virginian and someone who can trace heritage back to Jamestown (but, yes, your family seems to have found the promised land several years before mine)! Soon thereafter, mine headed to Georgia and then Texas, and I’m the first in about 8 generations to work my way back “home”. Found your site from your note on Belle Grove Plantation and now look forward to everything you post!

  27. Greetings from another Virginian (Mid-Virginia…above Richmond and below D.C). I posted a couple photos of my cats also (under the title ‘Low-tech computer screen blockers.)’ If your Sundae takes over writing every once in a while, then she must be as computer savvy as my cats. 😉 Gotta love ’em!

  28. Diana, I love the photos you post! The word “Smithfield” just caught my eye on your old barns post (sad to see barns torn down). My childhood best friend owns a tack shop on South Church Street. It’s nice to see photos of the area!

  29. Mechanics Wife

    Hi Dianna! We too are into racing! Love it. I absolutely love your blog!

  30. Hi Dianna, you have a nice ‘About’. Like your photos and sunset picture. Saw your Link on ‘Coming East’. Here’s a post on my granddaughter modeling my wedding gown last July 2012.

  31. Cute little Sundae!!!

  32. Hello, I just stumbled across your blog on Facebook where you provided a link on “Abandoned in Virginia”. I, too, am in Virginia and am fascinated by old places…..living in a 1915 house myself. Love your photography!

  33. Hello, I discovered your blog through Georgette. I am a Northern Virginia native. I’m so curious, so I have to ask. You mention you’ve known your husband for 40 years, but have been married for 11. Were you reunited “old flames?” I love stories of how couples get together. 🙂

  34. Your blog looks fun! I’m sure I will enjoy it. Also … love your haircut! If I am ever brave enough to go short again … it would be a winner. Sadly, I look very much like a boy with short hair.

  35. Hi, Marla. I promise to get around to writing a blog post soon about how Motor Man and I came to be “us”!

  36. Lovely to meet you Dianna, I’m finally making my way over here from your spotlight post over at our mutual friend Jill’s blog. What a beautiful place where you live. Sherri 🙂

  37. I found you by way of Silver in the Barn (one of my favorite blogs)! Virginia is a small world. My crew landed at Jamestown in 1607. Ancestral neighbors, I suppose. Nice photos.

  38. Hi Diana! I’ve nominated you for the Creative Blogger Award. You can see the details at http://wp.me/p3eR5V-kX. 🙂 Ellie

  39. Love coming by your blog from time to time! Your recent pictures of the horses are incredible. Hope the family is doing well 🙂
    -your old Cracker Barrel server

  40. Dear Dianna,
    My name is John Mullan Warren and I recently began working with a professional genealogist named Wayne Andrews. Wayne has traced my paternal side back to Captain Thomas Warren(born June 30, 1624 in Ripple,Kent, England, died April 21, 1670) Surry, Virginia. The history is astounding. Smith’s Fort Plantation and the Rolfe-Warren House. I have just started this journey and look forward to the research and family members it brings with it. Please contact me at john.warren26@yahoo.com at your convenience so we can compare notes. I would certainly appreciate your input and hope that I might help you out with some new discoveries also. Thank you in advance and I hope to hear from you soon. Take care! JW

  41. Oh my goodness that cat you featured sleeping on a quilt looks exactly like my cat. They have all of the same spots and my cat sleeps like that too! If that cat was your’s please contact me. We found our cat in our backyard we weren’t planning on keeping it but it never left, so it is now a member of our family

  42. Found your blog accidentally researching my family tree on the family tree app by BYU. Supposedly I am also related to Rolfe-Warren house through the Warrens. My wife is active duty Navy and we will be moving to the Suffolk area next year. Once there I’m gonna research much more to authenticate this relationship with the Warrens.

  43. I was so amazed by the photo of you with your husband. He looks like a duplicate of my grandfather. I will have to see if I can find a photo of Pap-pap today and post it to you somehow. My grandfather has been gone for a long time, he was born in 1902 I believe. He lived into his 90’s. Name associated with his family are: Broadwell, Cavanaugh, McCue,

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