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Oh, The Memories

Next month, a multi-year class reunion for the school I attended is planned. I was asked to serve on the planning committee.  My main responsibilities were contacting the members of my class with the initial information a few months ago and determining if they would be interested in attending. For those who replied favorably, I recently sent out actual RSVP’s.  It looks to be a well-attended event.

The reunion is being held in a building where many of us attended school. It was built in the early 1900’s and now serves as a town hall.

The planning committee met at the school a couple of weeks ago.

I attended school here for my 8th, 9th and 10th grades. As I walked up the sidewalk toward the front door, my first memory was that of taking PE (actually just doing calisthenics) in the front yard.

Stepping inside the building (for the first time since 1969), I was immediately struck by how much smaller the hallway seemed….same for the auditorium.

In those days, it seemed massive….now, it’s just a large room.

We were allowed to “tour” the entire building, although much of it is unused at this time.  Each room brought back memories.

Mr. Brown was my history teacher in this room, now being used for storage.

This was the classroom where I took French with Mrs. Seward.  “Tres bien” (very good) was a phrase we always loved to hear her say.

There were several classrooms in the basement, which we nicknamed “the dungeon”.  As you can see, the basement has not been renovated. This was the room where I took home ec. My main memory of that class was sewing a zipper in a dress for an exam. I sewed the front and back of the bodice together…..oops.

Stepping in the library brought back immediate memories of study halls. It’s been renovated since our school days and is now a much more open space.

One day, I fell down the bottom three or four steps of the staircase to the right.  I wasn’t injured, but the hallway (much “larger” then, remember) was full of other students. When I landed on the floor, I thought: “If I just lie here for a few minutes, perhaps they’ll think I’m hurt and they won’t laugh quite as much.”

But perhaps this next picture was my favorite from that evening. This is the upstairs hallway, looking toward the front of the school.  The little red building you can see through the windows is actually across the street.  It was our “lunchroom”, which consisted of snacks, candy, soft drinks….and Stewart Sandwiches.

We enjoyed walking through the building with others on the committee and sharing our memories of the different rooms.

There’ll be folks at the reunion we haven’t seen in years, music from that era, food, pictures and lots of memories shared.  It should be a fun evening.

~These Days Of Mine~

A Sunday Drive

Sunday, Motor Man and I took advantage of a pretty day to go for an afternoon drive to the neighboring county of Surry. The temps were still chilly, but the sky was a gorgeous blue with fluffy white clouds: the kind of day that’s made for taking pictures.

We “sorta” had something in mind that we were in search of, but never actually found it. We did end up on roads that just may have been previously untraveled by either of us.

But, after all these years, we still enjoy spending time with each other, so it was a fun drive.

As we passed through one tiny village, we noticed a few riders and horses at a small, newly opened drive ride-up “restaurant”. Motor Man immediately pulled into the parking lot, knowing that I would want to take pictures.

I think the riders were a bit leery of a stranger coming up and asking permission to take photos of their horses, but they agreed. It so happened that one of the women and I have mutual friends.

This was my favorite picture of the day.

I submitted that to our local paper, and they must have liked it, too; it was featured in yesterday’s edition.

You just never know what you’ll happen upon on a Sunday drive.

~These Days Of Mine~



Monday Morning Mews: Winter

Hi, readers, and happy last Monday in March. Sundae here with this weeks’s mews.

This has been one cold, windy month…. we had lots of warm days in February, but not in March.  Brrr…. this is how I’m spending much of my time.

That wind blew like a hurricane ALL night. I didn’t sleep a wink. So I will spend much of today, once again, napping in my bed.

“Do Not Disturb”

~These Days Of Mine~


The Letter

Last night, during dinner, I mentioned to Motor Man that I didn’t have any ideas for a blog post for today.

He replied: “Yes, you do!  Your letter. That’s news.”

Monday, when I checked our mailbox, inside was one of those little forms  showing that our mail carrier had attempted to deliver a certified letter to me. It was odd, though, because it was addressed to me using my last name before Motor Man and I married.

Of course, all sorts of thoughts ran through my mind between then and yesterday morning when the post office opened, and I could claim the letter.

When the postal clerk handed me the envelope, of course, I immediately looked at the return address. It was from an insurance company.  Opening it, I was met with some good news.

The letter stated that I am eligible to receive a retirement benefit, beginning this summer, from the local packing plant. I went to work there right out of high school and was there nearly nine years before leaving just before Marshall was born.  Sixteen years later, I returned and worked there for a little over a year.

The home office is still in our town, but the building itself was demolished in 2013. Although I can’t say I enjoyed every day that I worked there, I was sad to see the building destroyed.

Oh, the trips I made up and down those stairs

A few years ago, someone suggested that I contact the human resources office to ask if I would be eligible for any retirement benefits. When I did so, I was told that I hadn’t worked there long enough to qualify.

So, needless to say, I was quite surprised by this happy news.

Motor Man has been teasing me that the amount I receive will probably be $3.42 per year (before taxes), and that it will be just enough to put us in a higher tax bracket. Of course, he’s also been jokingly telling his friends that he’s going to retire because he just found out that I’ll be receiving a huge pension.

Of course, I have no idea what the amount will be, but I don’t think we’ll start shopping for a yacht or private jet.

“Retiree”….I like the sound of that.

~These Days Of Mine~


Monday Morning Mews: Gypsy’s Got Talent

Happy Monday, readers! Gypsy here with today’s post.

If my pawrents had any doubt that I have talent, that all changed last week. While they were busy at their desks working, I was over in one of the office chairs that I have officially claimed for my own. Later, Motor Mommy said that she knew I was over there pawing at Motor Man’s two work shirts that were on the chair. I have also claimed those as mine.

When Motor Mommy glanced over, this is what she saw:

She couldn’t figure out how I had managed to get UNDER one of those shirts. All. By. Myself.

A few minutes later (after she’d gone back to her work), she looked to find that I had actually turned myself around and gotten even further under the shirt, pulling it off the back of the chair.

Then I decided that things were a bit TOO warm in my little cocoon, so I opted to lie on TOP of the shirts.

The next day, I was once again lying on one of the shirts, and Motor Man thought it would be cute to cover me with the other one.

I was not amused.

(But then, neither are my pawrents when I use that really nice leather chair for my scratching post.)

As a matter of fact, yes, I DO have free run of that office.  Why do you ask?

~These Days Of Mine~

Random Five Friday

Since it’s been a while, I thought that today, I’d share a R5F post:

1.) Early Wednesday morning, I went out to fill the bird feeders. As I came around the corner of the house, this was my view.

2.) Speaking of bird feeders, the tiny goldfinches may be my favorite birds to watch as they enjoy the feeder sock.

3.) My niece, Donna, shared this photo of her son, Ray, at a recent track meet. It was taken by his coach. I know nothing about track, but I think this is just an amazing picture.

4.) An especially striking sunset from one evening last week.

5.) Last night, I went out to once again fill the bird feeders, and thought I’d share this little video of my outing. There is sound, whistling by me and quacking by one solitary duck. She later came up in our yard, and when I threw corn out to her, she flew away. The deer always seem curious when I whistle to them. In the background, you can see their entry way into the marsh grass.

~These Days Of Mine~


20 Years

Twenty years ago last night, Motor Man and I had our first date.  We celebrate the date every year.

The restaurant we ate at that night closed several years ago, the building has been demolished, and now a Krispy Kreme doughnut shop is located on that site.

So, last night, Marshall joined us at a nearby steakhouse where we enjoyed a nice dinner. Then we went to that Krispy Kreme. Just because.

When we went to the counter to order our doughnuts, the cashier asked me about our camera: “who’s the photographer?” I told her the story: 20 years ago was our first date, that night, we had eaten at a restaurant located there, and every year on that date, we return. And I brought the camera so we could get a picture.

She thought that was such a sweet story. A few minutes after we sat at our table, she walked over with two cups of coffee “on the house” and wished us a Happy Anniversary.

I donated my coffee to Marshall.

See the young lady (wearing the hat) in the background?  She’s the one who surprised us with the coffee.  Such a thoughtful gesture on her part.

Good company, good food and a surprise act of kindness made for a nice evening of celebrating 20 years.

~These Days Of Mine~