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Off The Beaten Path

Recently, Motor Man’s hydroplane (race boat ) engine business took us to the Eastern Shore of Virginia.

On the way home, we decided to take the back roads in search of some different sights.  We found the little waterside village of Willis Wharf.  Signage informed us that in the 18th and 19th centuries, this was a major deep-water port for watermen, harvesting oysters, clams and scallops.  Now, shellfish farming is a big business in the area. The ruins of this old dock caught our eye.  At one point, it was most likely a very busy place.

old dock best 5-28-2016 5-27-13 PM

Nearby, there was an observation area that we visited. The Willis Wharf community is in the distance.

db jr willis wharf 5-28-2016 5-38-33 PM

We spotted The Exmore Diner, a quaint rail car-type diner.  (Later we learned that it was brought to the area from New Jersey in 1954.) The parking lot was overflowing, so we decided it may be a good place for dinner.  We enjoyed the atmosphere and the food, and, although we’re fairly certain we were the only non-locals, we felt welcomed.

exmore diner 5-28-2016 5-17-53 PM

Venturing off the beaten path is rarely a disappointment.

~These Days Of Mine~

Quick Friends

In Wednesday’s post, I mentioned Renee and Mike. It seemed a bit odd to call them friends, since we had just met them briefly on the beach last summer while taking pictures of the wild horses.

But sometimes, you just “click” with someone, and a friendship is quickly born.

After the farewell party for Baby William at the Corolla Wild Horse Facility a couple of weeks ago, Renee and Mike continued on to the Outer Banks to begin their vacation.  Motor Man and I returned home, but later in the week, made a quick trip to the beach to join our friends. They’d vacationed in the area before, but had never extensively explored the beach in search of horses.

We were on the beach at sunrise, our very favorite time of the day to be there. It requires early rising, but it is SO worth it.

sunrise 5-16-2016 5-55-22 AM

Shortly after picking up Renee and Mike for their tour, we hit the lottery.  One of Renee’s wishes was to see Baby North Star, so far the only Corolla foal born this spring.  And, sure enough, we saw her with her family, down by the ocean.

north star2 5-16-2016 8-20-27 AM

I’m sure Motor Man and Mike wondered just how many times two grown women could squeal with delight at seeing that tiny horse. We photographed them from our vehicle a good distance away and then watched as they walked right by us.  (More squeals.)

Here sits a most patient man...

Here sits a most patient man…

This tour company aims to please: here’s your photo op with Baby North Star, folks.

renee and mike 5-16-2016 8-21-31 AM

And I managed to get this one of North Star with the dune as a backdrop. It almost appears that she’s standing in front of wallpaper.

baby north star 5-16-2016 8-22-21 AM

After a morning of finding and photographing horse, we introduced Renee and Mike to one of our favorite lunch spots: Cap’n Franks. (Their treat: thanks again!) Afterward, we posed for a picture along with their two sweet canine family members, Bodhi and Beemer.

williams keens close up 5-16-2016 12-19-028

Renee and Mike are just proof that a friendship can come about in an instant. And those wild Corolla horses are responsible for this one.

~These Days Of Mine~





A Sweet Farewell

My faithful readers will recall Baby William, the Corolla foal born last summer, who had to be removed from the herd because of medical reasons. I’ve written several posts about William.   Motor Man and I have felt a bond with him since we saw him “in the wild” a couple of days before he was taken away for emergency medical treatment to save his life.

Last fall, we attended an Open House at the Corolla Wild Horse Fund rescue facility and met William in person.  He has a HUGE fan club, and many folks came out to see that little celebrity.

Thankfully, William is now completely healthy and has been adopted by a veterinarian in Delaware. The folks at the CWHF decided to have another Open House a couple of weeks ago as a sort of farewell/send-off party for William. Of course, Motor Man, our friend, Donna, and I just had to attend.

sweet william 5-14-2016 3-09-32 PM

We just can’t love on William enough.

donna and wm 5-14-2016 12-36-24 PM

William has a few canine fans in addition to his human ones.

william and boxer 5-14-2016 12-31-39 PM

 Amadeo is the blind stallion who was rescued from the ocean a couple of years ago.  We were surprised to see him out of the pasture at the Open House.  It was just amazing to actually “pet” a former wild stallion, especially one with such an amazing rescue story.

amadeo and db1 5-14-2016 2-04-45 PM 5-14-2016 2-04-45 PM

Last summer, Motor Man and I met a couple, Renee and Mike, on the beach at Corolla. They live in Ohio and have been vacationing in the Outer Banks for several years.  Renee loves the wild horses just as I do.  As we stood on the beach last summer, taking pictures of the horses, we struck up a conversation and later became friends on Facebook.  As it turned out, Renee and Mike were on their way to the Outer Banks the day of William’s Farewell Party, and their route took them right by the rescue facility. So….they stopped by!  Renee follows the CWHF Facebook page and knew William’s story.  She was thrilled to meet him before he moved from the area.

renee noel and william 5-14-2016 2-53-21 PM

And we were happy to be there when they visited. The occasion called for a photo.

renee db and horses 5-14-2016 3-02-48 PM

It was a nice send-off for Sweet William, who arrived at his new home the following day. His story has touched so many people; it’s nice to know that he is well and now has a forever home.

~These Days Of Mine~

Teetotalers At A Winery

There’s a new winery in town. Actually, it’s about 45 minutes from us, but it’s in the general area where I grew up and attended school.

Motor Man and I don’t drink and have never drunk. So why would the two of us ever visit a winery?

Several reasons:

The winery boasts the tallest “goat tower” in the world, 35 feet tall. Who knew that goats even climbed towers? As we drove into the parking lot last weekend, a goat was looking out the window of the tower, but before I could jump out of the vehicle and get in position for a picture, he’d already run down those steps. Sadly, I didn’t get another photo op with the goats.

goat tower 5-20-2016 4-11-10 PM

Our reason for visiting the winery this particular weekend was that there was to be a Hot Air Balloon festival. We know a guy who owns a hot air balloon company:  you may recall that we helped him and his crew launch the balloon one morning a couple of years ago. He and Motor Man were in touch last week, and we scheduled a ride for the two of us and our friend, Donna, who was also planning to attend the festival.

jr and mark 5-20-2016 4-16-53 PM

Sadly, the wind was too strong that evening for the balloons to fly, then rain canceled all flights for the remainder of the weekend.

 But, even though we don’t drink, and there were no balloon rides, it was still a fun evening. Motor Man and Donna shared a laugh. Well, maybe more than one.

donna and jr3 5-20-2016 4-18-00 PM

Then, she took some photos of Motor Man and me. I borrowed a bottle of wine as a “prop”.

db jr winery1 5-20-2016 6-53-09 PM

And we had a little fun with the photo session.

jrdb kiss 5-20-2016 6-53-43 PM

Who needs wine?

dbjr walking 5-20-2016 6-53-46 PM

See?  It is possible for teetotalers to have a good time at a winery.

~These Days Of Mine~

Miss Annie Rose

Over the weekend, we were in my little hometown for the annual memorial service at the cemetery.

I noticed that Miss Annie Rose’s homeplace had been torn down and all signs of it were gone. This was done so recently, the bulldozer was still on site.

miss annies house gone 5-17-2016 9-24-13 AM

Miss Annie Rose was one of our neighbors and lived less than a quarter mile from Mom and me. She was a member of our church and worked in the school cafeteria.

miss annie rose 5-19-2016 6-17-57 PM.bmp-002

(scanned from an old church directory)

During my childhood, Miss Annie Rose had a white long-haired cat named Cotton. When Mom and I would visit, Cotton would always let me pet her. Miss Annie Rose said that Cotton didn’t do that with other children: she’d hide under the bed when they came. She said that I was gentle, and Cotton could tell that I loved kitties.

Miss Annie Rose was the bus driver during my elementary  school years. She knew that the other kids picked on me teased me bullied me, so she let me sit on the heater beside her. I felt safe there. Miss Annie Rose was a familiar face among many strangers.

In this post from last year, I mentioned that, on afternoons when a funeral was taking place at the cemetery, Miss Annie Rose would tell us about it when we boarded the bus for home. As we rounded the curve just before the cemetery, she would remind us, and, immediately, there was silence on the bus.

On the last day of school (one year? Maybe more?), Miss Annie Rose stopped at the Tastee Freeze on the way home and treated each of us to an ice cream cone.

Miss Annie Rose died suddenly in 1982 at the age of 84. It was said that she was extremely upset and had gone out in the yard to chase an animal that was attacking her chickens. My mom always thought that, if that were true, it was sad to think that Miss Annie Rose had died angry.

I’m glad I stopped last year and took a picture of her home.

miss annie rose's 6-17-2015 9-27-43 AM

It’s amazing how many memories came to mind just seeing the demolition of one little house.

~These Days Of Mine~

Wordless Wednesday: Barn “Storming”

barn and storm 5-14-2016 6-32-35 PM

~These Days Of Mine~

Sunrise To Sunset

After what seems like weeks of cool, damp weather, Saturday was a fairly nice day. We were treated to “two sunrises”. The first one:

sunrise1 5-14-2016 6-09-10 AM

Then, the clouds and mist rolled in.

sunrise and reeds 5-14-2016 6-24-09 AM

And the sun “rose” again.

misty sunrise 5-14-2016 6-25-06 AM

That afternoon, we had storm clouds, some wind and a little rain.

storm clouds 5-14-2016 7-29-55 PM

Afterward, we were treated to this:

marina dark clouds 5-14-2016 7-37-06 PM

It’s one of my favorite views of the marina, and it doesn’t happen often.  Dark clouds to the east, and the setting sun from the west create an amazing landscape.

marina and storm clouds 5-14-2016 7-39-12 PM

From sunrise to sunset, the sky put on quite the show.

~These Days Of Mine~