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National Beach Day

Yesterday morning, as we often do on Sundays, Motor Man and I got an early start to Carova Beach, NC.  While en route there, I discovered (by way of Facebook) that yesterday was National Beach Day.

How perfect.

The skies were so clear, you had to search for a cloud. And the temperature was 82 arm-out-the-window degrees.

We arrived early enough that the beach wasn’t too crowded. (That soon changed.) Driving conditions were mostly good. We didn’t see any vehicles stuck in the sand.

We saw 27 horses, including this handsome stallion. (Picture was taken with a zoom lens from inside  our vehicle.)

You just never know what you’ll see on the beach….. someone was very creative with their beach vehicle. When we saw this, Motor Man said: “I guess that’s where the kids are going to school now”.

And I’m not sure what this is called.  After some research, I believe it to be a powered paraglider? It was fun to watch as he flew along the beach.


We’re sure glad we knew it was National Beach Day while we were actually THERE. That called for a picture.

*BEACH: Best Escape Anyone Could Have*

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