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Wordless Wednesday: It’s A Zoo Around Here

swan ducks deer 1-26-2016 3-43-40 PM

(Just a typical day in our yard.)

~These Days Of Mine~

Scenes From Jonas’ Visit

Winter storm, Jonas, paid us a visit over the weekend. Thankfully, we were on the outskirts of the storm, so we were spared snowfall measurable in feet rather than inches.

Friday, we had a little snow.  And we had a visitor, looking for handout meal. My niece, Donna, commented that, with feet like that, he definitely doesn’t need snowshoes.


Later that afternoon, the snow turned to sleet/freezing rain. I’m not really sure how to tell the difference. But with the wind and that frozen precipitation, we were just relieved not to lose electricity.

frozen rain 1-22-2016 4-40-22 PM

Before the second round of snow came, we had some mild tidal flooding.  This was taken Saturday morning just a couple of miles from us.

flooding at mr spadys 1-23-2016 11-28-13 AM

There have only been a few times that I can recall our area experiencing anything remotely like a blizzard. And, although we didn’t really have enough snow accumulation to define this storm as a blizzard, Saturday afternoon’s conditions came close.

blizzard 1-23-2016 2-53-53 PM

We were hunkered down inside.

Yesterday morning, Motor Man happened to glance out the window and called for me to come look.  Then came coat, boots and a trudge through the snow to get these pictures.

moonset 1-24-2016 7-10-10 AM

Marshall and I are always interested in the names of the full moons.  The January moon is the “Old Moon”, the “Moon After Yule”, or, appropriately this month, the “Full Snow Moon”.  (The Moon After Jonas just doesn’t have the same ring.)

sunday morning moon 1-24-2016 7-10-13 AM

After seeing news coverage of Jonas, we’re thankful that his visit was brief.  I suppose you could say that he didn’t stay long enough to unpack his bags.

~These Days Of Mine~

Antoine Returns

Antoine, the swan, has caused me some concern recently. He was here the week before Thanksgiving, then disappeared until last week, when he just showed up again, completely unconcerned that he had caused me to worry.

Yesterday morning, I forgot to look in the side yard for him before I left home. Once I backed out of the garage, I placed a call on my cell phone to Motor Man.  I sat at the end of our driveway during the conversation.  Once finished with the call, I pulled out on the street, glanced in the rear view mirror, and saw Antoine, waddling walking toward me. Perhaps he was planning to follow me to town?

antoine in driveway 1-7-2016 7-55-44 AM

Of course, I made  a u-ieu-ey, u-turn in the cul-de-sac and pulled back in the driveway. Antoine walked along, right beside my car. He knew I was heading back to the garage to feed him breakfast.

antoine following me 1-7-2016 7-56-35 AM

He met me at the side door, feathers all aflutter:

antoine in doorway 1-7-2016 9-16-05 AM

And waited impatiently.

antoine closeup 1-7-2016 9-16-25 AM

This is what happens when I leave the lid off the corn “bucket” for just a few seconds.

I think we seriously need to work on table manners.

~These Days Of Mine~

Wordless Wednesday

swan vignette 10-20-2015 6-00-35 PM

~These Days Of Mine~

These Days R5F

It’s Friday again. Perhaps I can come up with five random thoughts this week that don’t include estate sales.

1.)  Antoine and I have really been enjoying the sunsets recently.

antoine sunset 10-17-2015 6-25-35 PM

2.)  Motor Man and I took Motor Mum for a ride on the Jamestown/Scotland ferry last Sunday.  The sky has been so beautiful lately; as the gulls flew over, I snapped a few pictures.

seagull best 10-18-2015 1-33-16 PM 10-18-2015 1-33-16 PM

3.)  Earlier this week, Motor Man reconnected with a friend from 40+ years ago. His friend has an extensive classic car collection.  What do you think? Am I the Ferrari type? (Not really: more of an  American muscle car girl.)

DB ferrari

4.) On a trip to the Outer Banks a couple of weeks ago, I managed to get a picture- taken at 55 miles per hour – of the sunset.  I sure do miss the Barn Charm meme, and find myself still drawn to old barns.

barn and sunset 10-8-2015 6-30-10 PM

5.) A photo from this week’s day trip (yesterday).  Hint: beautiful! Details next week.

mountains3 10-22-2015 2-05-12 PM

Happy weekend, everyone!

~These Days Of Mine~

These Days R5F

Apparently, it’s been a very uneventful week in our little corner of the world. I’m struggling to find five random thoughts today. But it IS Friday, and the show must go on…

1.) Wednesday, I stopped in Marshall’s flag shop and made some autumn flag purchases. There are many beautiful selections, and I had a difficult time deciding which one(s) I should bring home. This was one of my choices.

fall flag

2,) That picture was taken yesterday morning during golden hour. And as I finished taking the photo, I heard a familiar sound:  Antoine “snorting” hello to me.

antoine morning

 3.)  Recently, I was contacted by a web-site designer for a town on the Outer Banks of North Carolina, asking if he could use one of my photos on their web-site.  I, of course, said yes and consider it quite an honor. I should give Motor Man credit for recognizing a photo op.  He pointed this out to me during one of our trips to the beach and said that it would make a pretty picture.

fristo photo

4.) Birthday dinner this evening for a friend, and we’ll gather afterward at our house for dessert and birthday gifts.  I’m pretty sure a good time will be had by all.

5.) Motor Man and I plan to attend an estate auction tomorrow; something a little different for us.  Friends are going with us, and the weather is looking nice. I’ll share details next week.

So, how about your week?  Busy or quiet?  Could you come up with five randoms?

~These Days Of Mine~

These Days R5F

We’re on hurricane alert here in southeast Virginia, so let’s begin this week’s Random Five on that subject:

1.) At this time, Hurricane Joaquin is expected to pass just off our coast. We’re hoping that track will continue. We’ll still have strong winds, rain and tidal flooding, but it will be much better than a direct hit.  It’s been raining here for several days – unrelated to Joaquin. Yesterday morning, my rain gauge was full: 5 inches, and we could get 8 more.

morning 10-2-2015 7-12-37 AM

On a lighter note, yesterday, the Corolla Wild Horse Fund posted a picture of one of this year’s foals (born in May), with the comment: “This is the version of Joaquin we all love”.  As it turns out,  Joaquin is the foal in this picture I posted on Monday (and submitted as an entry in the 2017 Corolla calendar).  It’s nice to know his name.

mombabe 9-10-2015 1-44-43 PM

2.) Tuesday evening, I realized I’d missed a text message from my neighbor. This is what she had to say:

This was pathetic – white swan just banged on your back door several times with his beak and squawked, then walked away dejectedly – what a scene!! Should have thought to take a pic!!

Rest assured, I apologized profusely to Antoine, and he has received ample nourishment since that time. I’ve discovered that he likes “corn soup” (water and corn) in a repurposed Cool Whip bowl. And yes, he has now officially been IN our garage. The can to the left holds corn for him and his duck buddies, waiting outside.


Doesn’t everyone have a swan in their garage?

3.) It’s usually around lunchtime each day when I get to our shop.  Most mornings, Motor Man will send me a pic of Gypsy – usually it’s a selfie of the two of them, and she’s lying on his chest. Wednesday morning, he was holding her and took this picture.  Sweetness!


4.) Since I try to remember to always have my camera near at hand, that usually means that, when I’m in a vehicle, it’s on the floorboard.   Wednesday afternoon, as I was getting out of the car,  I bumped my camera with my foot, and it hit the asphalt pavement.  My heart sank, but, thankfully, it seems to be fine. Whew! Close call.

5.) As I  mentioned in an earlier post, this week marked five years that I’ve been blogging. I enjoy sharing pictures and snippets of our life with my readers. But, once in awhile, attempting to keep to a Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedule seems like having homework that must be done.  So…don’t be concerned if my posts are a bit more sporadic.  Blogging should be fun, not work. Isn’t that right, fellow bloggers?

Happy weekend, and let’s all hope that Joaquin (the storm) heads out to sea.

~These Days Of Mine~