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Poetic Thursday: Fate

Can you believe it’s Thursday again? Time passes so quickly, and now it’s Poetic Thursday again. Pam and her boys at Two Spoiled Cats provided us a nostalgic photo for this week’s inspiration:

This was a fun poem for me to write. The picture brings to mind old family photos of my sisters,  who were teenagers in the 50’s.


Although he was shy, he took a chance
and asked her to go to the homecoming dance.

To his surprise, she quickly said yes,
and began her search for the perfect dress.

He calmed his nerves and ordered her flowers,
and practiced his dance moves for hours and hours.

The big day arrived, and he washed his car;
it was old, but the dance wasn’t far.

He picked her up, and they were on their way.
He thought this was just the perfect day.

They heard a loud ‘pow’, he should have known:
that tire that was ‘iffy’ had finally blown.

He put on the spare, neither of them got upset.
They went on to the dance, no reason to fret.

So she knew he was special, he knew she was, too,
and a few years later, they were saying “I do”.

That flat tire might have just been fate,
since they fell in love on their very first date.

This picture was taken on my sister, Rose’s, wedding day in 1957. Her dress reminds me of the one in the above photo.

Rose, her mother-in-law, mom, and me in front

~These Days Of Mine~