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OBX – A Map And A Sunset

For those of you unfamiliar with the Outer Banks, I thought I’d share a map, showing our route to the beach.

On this map, Virginia is shown in pink, and North Carolina in white. You can’t quite see where we live (we’re above Chesapeake). The “u-turn” is the Kill Devil Hills area of the Outer Banks.  If you take the u-turn, you travel north through the little villages of Southern Shores, Duck and Corolla. Driving south, past miles and miles of beaches, will take you to Cape Hatteras.

When we drive out on the beach to see the horses, we take the u-turn. It’s about 115 miles from our house to Corolla (I’ve marked it with a gold star on the map). That’s where 4-wheel drive is required to drive out on the beach. And you can drive on the beach all the way back up to the Virginia/North Carolina line, which is probably about another 20 miles. There’s no access from the uppermost beaches to the mainland.


So, now that all that’s over, here are some pictures from last Saturday. This was taken near Corolla after we’d been up on the beach. The body of water is the Currituck Sound.

sunset whalehead club

This picture was taken a little further south, near the village of Duck, still overlooking the Sound.

sunset and cattails

We continued driving south to a little park in Kitty Hawk, where we watched the sun set over the Albemarle Sound. Kitty Hawk is just a little south of the “u-turn” on the above map.


One more shot.


And then it was time to head north to Virginia.

Snow On The Beach

We had a couple of inches of snow in our area last Friday. This was our deck during sunrise Saturday morning.

sunrise snow

Later that day, Motor Man picked me up to go to lunch. Two hours later, we were on the Outer Banks. (He is so spontaneous. With him, you just never know where the day will take you.)

The beach is always different, but she never disappoints. Last weekend, she was wearing white.

snow and dunes_Snapseed

Neither of us had ever seen snow on the beach. It seemed strange to have sand and snow side-by-side.

sand and snow_Snapseed

Leaving the flat surface of the beach proved to be even more challenging than usual. But our trusty little Jeep didn’t let us down.

4 wheelin

We only saw a few horses on this trip. These three were beside one of the canals. The water was an odd color.  In this picture, it almost appears to be frozen over, but that wasn’t the case.


We always enjoy our drives on the beach, but last weekend, the snow and late afternoon sun made for some especially beautiful scenery.

snowy dunes1_Snapseed

Tomorrow, more pictures from our spur-of-the-moment trip.

Barn Charm – Charles Chapman Farm

Last week, on my way to have lunch with Donna, I passed by this old farm.

barns on broadwater

Although I don’t travel that road often, I am familiar with this property, so I stopped to take pictures.

barns on broadwater-001

This old house, known as the Charles Chapman house, sits to the left of the barns. Some portions of it are believed to have been built as early as 1836. Believe it or not, a family still lives here.

house on broadwater

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Vintage Brides

A few years ago, an elderly relative passed away. Among her possessions were these three scrapbooks. (No, that isn’t dust.)


Each one contains old newspaper clippings of wedding announcements of couples in our local area.


The earliest ones date to 1948. As I looked through these, I recognized the names of several of my former classmates’ parents. I knew my classmates would appreciate having copies of the articles.

The first one I decided to share was that of Donna’s parents. Although I’d never made one before, I created a shadowbox for her, featuring her parents’ wedding announcement.

Since it was impossible to get a good picture of it in the frame (I had  reflections of light no matter what I did), I took this photo of the items assembled, but unframed.

shadowbox unframed

I found the pearl necklace and old glove at an antique shop, along with the little heart-shaped pin. The tatting was some that I had in my sewing box and was exactly the right length.  Because I make my own greeting cards using rubber stamps, I had the word “love” in my supplies, as well as the fabric flowers.

The snippet of paper to the right was also in my card-making supplies and has this message:
“Love has nothing to do with what you’re expected to get; it’s what you are expected to give – which is everything.”

It doesn’t show up well in the picture, but the little torn slip of paper at the top is the definition of “marriage” from an old tattered dictionary.

Because January 26 was the date her parents were married, I really wanted to give this to Donna last week. So we met for lunch on Thursday.  She knew I had something for her, but had no idea what it was.

donna and dbA

When she saw the shadowbox, she gasped, then she cried. Then she hugged me. And cried some more.

One of her relatives, who’s also a friend of mine, told me that Donna was very close to her parents, both of whom are now gone. Giving this to her was so special for me; made even more so by the fact that she’d never seen this picture of her Mother before.

And now, my search for vintage bridal accessories continues: I have several more shadowboxes to make.

Friday’s Fences – An Open House Bonus

During the holidays, a former classmate of mine hosted an Open House, and Motor Man and I attended.  On their property, off to the side of their home is this old, old house.

old house and fence at wallys

Of course, I headed right over to take pictures.

old house2

Friday’s Fences: you just never know where you’ll find one.

fridays fences

Our Kitchen And Its Kitty

It’s been a L-O-N-G time since I’ve participated in a Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop, but this week, one of the prompts sounded like it would be fun:

3.) Show us your kitchen!

Those of you who know me well, know that I don’t cook (other than an occasional grilled cheese sandwich). So our small kitchen suits me fine. Here’s a little tour, beginning with the “breakfast nook” area.

breakfast nook

I apologize for the lighting in these photos. I wasn’t at home to take them yesterday, and found it difficult to get good pictures last night.

Here’s another view of that same area. (Before I took the picture, I should have lined that chair up better with the design in the rug.)


The wooden ice box beyond the table and chairs belonged to my aunt and uncle. You can’t tell from the picture, but that’s Pioneer Woman’s cookbook on top. Although the shelf above the ice box appears old, it was purchased at a craft show a few years ago.

ice box-001

This basket is old, and the stuffed kitty was also purchased at a craft show.

kitty in basket

This is the doorway where I was standing when I took the second picture. Back when I was sewing, (instead of blogging), I made the piggy on the second shelf from a cloth bag that once contained smoked sausage links.


Many years ago (pre-blogging), I also made the little doll (and her flag) that’s resting on this tray. Her legs are made of buttons strung together.

doll and tray

Here’s the “business” area of the kitchen. (We need to replace a light bulb, and I need to recycle the empty fish oil bottle that’s in the sink.)  My friend, Doris, found the metal stars years ago and thought they’d be a nice addition to our kitchen. I agree.


And that completes the tour of our kitchen.  Oops! I almost forgot the busiest corner in the entire room. (Speaking of stuffed kitties.)


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Mama’s Losin’ It

Wordless Wednesday – How Long…

…til summer?

how long

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