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Monday Morning Mews

Hi, readers.  It’s Gypsy, bringing you this week’s Mews.

Want to know what Motor Mommy has done for the better part of the past several days? At home, at our shop, on her cell phone…..

She’s watched a web-cam while waiting on April, the giraffe, who lives at the Animal Adventure Park in New York, to deliver a calf.


So, I decided that I’d hang out with her and watch for awhile.  Did you notice, that in the picture, April is looking RIGHT at me?  I just know she was.

As of this post being published, the world is still waiting for April to have her baby. If you’d like to follow along on Facebook, Motor Mommy says there’s a link on the Animal Adventure Park page.  Several news stations also have links, including this one:

Warning: very addictive.

~These Days Of Mine~

A Bittersweet Find

A discovery was made at our shop yesterday; where and by whom is inconsequential. It was a piece of mail, addressed to me and dated June 1, 2012.

I recognized the handwriting immediately. My first impulse was to turn the envelope over to see if it had been opened. It had not; it was tightly sealed.

Inside was a birthday card from my sister, June.

Those of you who know me and/or are familiar with my blog know that June passed away July 25, 2015.  I was born when she was 16, so the front of the card brings to mind pictures taken of us when she was a teenager and I was a little girl. I wonder if that’s why she selected this design?   And I know when she saw the beach scene, she was reminded of the love Motor Man and I have for the Outer Banks.


 And the inside, with her “signature” closing…. love & love.


Yes, it was a bittersweet moment, discovering this card.

Sweet in so many ways, but it saddens me that, obviously, I never thanked her for it.

~These Days Of Mine~

According To The DNA

Many, many years ago, the genealogy on my mother’s side was researched in length. I feel so fortunate to have been given a copy of that information.  It was done long before the internet, so I can’t imagine the leg-work involved.  I’ve tried to keep it updated, making notes in the margins whenever I learn of a death, marriage or new baby in our huge family.

Our family was traced back to Jamestown, by way of William Spencer, who arrived on a ship named The Sarah in 1611. He was, therefore, designated as one of the Ancient Planters, a term given to anyone who arrived in Virginia prior to 1616.

Although most in the family don’t seem to think much about it, a few of us (myself, my son, my nieces and a couple of cousins) are pretty darned proud of these deep roots we have in this area.

My niece, Donna, recently gifted me with a DNA test through Ancestry, and the “results are in”. I must admit that I was rather surprised – not so much at my ethnicity – but rather how concentrated it is.


We knew, from the genealogy research, that my mother’s family came from England.  My father’s side of the family has also been documented, although in much less depth than my mom’s. And, from that, we learned that his family was from Glasgow, Scotland.

As you can see, I actually have MORE Great Britain ethnicity than do the typical natives there.  Donna included a note to me along with the test results, and in it, shared her thoughts about why she believes that to be so. She wrote: “I’m not sure, but I see that the people living there now have had their DNA “diluted” over time by other ethnicities moving in to Great Britain in more modern times. Since we know several branches of our family came to America early and have pretty much stayed in the Surry/Isle of Wight area since then, I’m guessing most of the marrying was done with families who came from similar areas in Great Britain, so much less “dilution”.

After seeing my DNA results, I somehow feel even more grounded by these deep roots than I did before.

~These Days Of Mine~

Monday Morning Mews: Welcome, Teddy

Hi, readers!  It’s Sundae AND Gypsy both today bringing you a very special Monday Morning Mews.

You may recall previous posts about Motor Mommy’s dear friend, Miss Pam, who, along with her kitty, Sammy, write the blog One Spoiled Cat.  Miss Pam and our mommy met through their blogs several years ago, first as online friends, and soon, they became personal friends.

Sadly, Sammy crossed Rainbow Bridge back in December. Miss Pam and her husband, Mr. Dave, were heartbroken, as were all of the many friends she had made through blogging.  She and Mr. Dave knew they would adopt another kitty when the time was right, but that didn’t happen right away.

And…finally! Last week, they made a trip to their local animal shelter, and right there and then,  they were adopted by Teddy, a sweet little ginger kitty who looks very much like their beloved Sammy.  Not only is Angel Sammy still helping write the blog (now Two Spoiled Cats), but he is also Teddy’s guardian angel.

There’s a special blog hop this week to welcome Baby Teddy Kimmel to the blogosphere. And both of us, along with our pawrents, wanted to participate.

This is from Motor Mommy: Teddy, I just want you to know that when I read your mom’s email to me that they had found you, I was teary-eyed as I shared that with Motor Man.  And, he has such a soft heart, he was touched as well.  We both know how much your pawrents wanted to welcome a new furbaby into their family.

 Sundae here, and this is my message to Angel Sammy and Little Teddy:


Gypsy here, and it’s my turn:


And I have a pee ess:


Motor Mommy: Ummm….sweet Gypsy, I’m sure Teddy will have lots of girl kitties wanting to be his special friend. And, he’s quite a bit younger than you, too, remember?

Welcome, Teddy! We are so happy for all of you, and know that you will bring much love and joy to your pawrents!  We look forward to your Mom’s future posts sharing your antics and lots of pictures.


~These Days Of Mine~

Mystery At The Castle

As Motor Man and I were leaving Bacon’s Castle last Sunday at the close of the “Romance At The Castle” event, I recalled this picture of my late Aunt Lucille that was taken of her standing on the old mill stone at the front door.


So I asked Motor Man to take a picture of me, standing on it.


Much has changed about the entrance since the photo of Aunt Lucille was taken: the steps are different, the porch has been removed.

But, is there something else different?  Is that, in fact, the same mill stone?

I just always assumed that it was the same one, but it certainly doesn’t look like it when comparing these two photos.

Marshall and I know a couple of folks with ties to the house who may have some answers. We’re going to do a little investigating to determine if we can solve this mystery.

Stay tuned…

~These Days Of Mine~

Romance At The Castle

Those of you who have been following my blog for a while know of my love for and connection to the historic home, Bacon’s Castle. I have several new subscribers, so if you’d like to learn more, please click on the Bacon’s Castle category to the right.

A few weeks ago, I was asked to take part in “Romance At The Castle”,  a Valentine event taking place there last Sunday. The afternoon included wine tastings, food and tours of the house.  Carol, the site manager of the property, asked me to give a sort of “intro” to the tours by sharing my family’s history at the house.

Since Motor Man and I were married in front of the fireplace in the same room where I was to speak with the visitors, we had our picture taken in “our” spot.


The following video is a little dark, and the audio isn’t great, so I apologize for that. We wanted to be discreet about filming and were limited as to where to place the Go-pro camera.  Several of my family members and friends asked to see my part of Sunday’s program, and the easiest way for me to do that is to share it here on the blog. (Perhaps, if your browser supports it, you can use the full-screen option and “up” the volume a bit.)

There were three tours Sunday, and I spoke to each group. Motor Man and I had a great time; we were honored to be included in such a wonderful event.

As we were leaving, Motor Man took this picture of a contrail. He also captured just a bit of the sunset…


….as well as a glimpse of that beautiful old house.

It was a nice way to end a romantic afternoon at The Castle.

~These Days Of Mine~

Monday Morning Mews

Happy Monday, readers! This is Sundae, bringing you the mews this week.

Today, I have a complaint to lodge with Motor Mommy….actually TWO.  She collects these little pieces of furniture…she calls them “doll dressers” or “salesman samples”, whatever THAT is.  It was fine when she just had one….or two. But her collection has grown, and she displays them on top of MY desk.


That just leaves no room for ME.  If you’ll look closely, you’ll see that half of me is sitting on the roll-top thingie.

And while you’re at it, Mom, can you clean out these cubbies?


 They’re looking pretty junky, you know.

Sheesh…..good help is so hard to get….

~These Days Of Mine~